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Ramadan Books For Kids Which are the best?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Arabic month. Depending on the sighting of the moon, all Muslims around the world fast during this month. This month is very important in Islamic law. During this month, the Muslims perform various acts of worship in a very vigorous manner. ramadan books for kids
My hope is that as your family observes Ramadan, or you want to learn more about this special month of fasting and prayer, or educate your children, you will gain knowledge and insight from these books.

ramadan books for kids

The books below have helped our family learn more about Ramadan and Islam.

1. I Love Ramadan: Perfect Islamic guide & Quranic teachings for the kids to learn all about Holy Month

I Love Ramadan
Collected from amazon
Language : English
Page: 29
Sarah is a cute little girl who is planning to fast for the first time in her life and is excited for her soon-to-be peers! Although his family teaches him the benefits of Ramadan and acts of kindness such as sharing and empathy, the children will also be given ideas about the concept of Muslim fasting and its value. Kids will discover the purity of good deeds this month and its gifts in shape with this Islamic book for kids. ramadan books for kids
Lovely book this about Ramadan. Very nice and short book for kids to read

2. The Gift of Ramadan

The Gift of Ramadan
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page; 32
Reading Age : 4-8 years
Sophia wants to fast Ramadan this year. Her grandmother tells her that Rosa helps a person shine – and Sophia likes flashing. ramadan books for kids But when her fasting attempt fails, Sophia has to find another way to participate. This lovely multi-generational family story explores many ways to take part in the Ramadan holidays.
We now have more family-friendly titles to take you inside the Muslim family experience. Rabia York Lumbard’s awesome The Gift of Ramadan does just that, and much more. It takes us to the heart of a beautiful family, and inside the rituals of Ramadan that take us to the level of our hearts. 
Here we begin the journey of Ramadan beyond the realm of food, and focus on kindness, unity, sacrifice …. In other words, the way the shera describes the holy month. Read it with your little one, Muslim or not. It will touch your heart.

3. Tell me more about Ramadan: (Islamic books for kids)

Tell me more about Ramadan: (Islamic books for kids)
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page: 31
Reading Age: 12 years
Enjoy a unique and creative journey with your little one that will introduce him to one of the five pillars of the religion and give your child a positive idea about the holy month of Ramadan, the holy month of Islam. Kids is a must read story that should not be lost from any family bookcase or Islamic book collection!
Dear Parents,
 InshaAllah you and your children will benefit from this story and our upcoming Islamic book (Muslim book).
Good information / story about Ramadan and what it is about. However, ramadan books for kids the images would prefer to be a little more conservative / Islamic, such as putting beards and hijabs on the characters so that children can look in their books if they are not in their environment.

4. It’s Ramadan, Curious George

It's Ramadan, Curious George
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page: 14
Reading Age: 2-6 years
It’s the first day of Ramadan, and George is celebrating with his friend Karim and his family. Helps George Karim on his first fast and tastes and enjoys a special meal at the evening celebration.
 Then, George helps make gift baskets for donations to the needy, and shows the clock for the crescent with the man in the yellow hat. Finally George joins the Eid festivities on the last occasion of his first Ramadan.
My daughter is going to enjoy her first Ramadan. Although she is young, this book helps keep the whole month in perspective in the most friendly way. ramadan books for kids
 Can’t wait for this book to become part of the Ramadan tradition in our home. For non-Muslims, (maybe during Teacher or Culture Week) this book is perfect for teaching about culture in a fun and acceptable way.

5. Ramadan (Celebrate the World)

Ramadan (Celebrate the World)
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page: 24
Reading Age: 2-4 years
This is a beautiful book to teach children what Ramadan means to Muslims. It teaches when it is done and what it means. The parables are extraordinary and truly reflect the Muslim people of all walks of life, ramadan books for kids
 from the West to the East or in Arab culture, and from different parts of the world.
 I really like this book especially for its many cultural feelings and I think that any Muslim child who reads it will instantly recognize themselves and their faith is a part of our society.
 For any non-Muslim child to read it they will gladly understand a new culture and religion I can’t really blame it. And very nice board books. The illustrations are well done. Good book for any early child about Ramadan.

6. 30 days of learning and good deeds: (Islamic books for kids)

30 days of learning and good deeds: (Islamic books for kids)
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page: 63
Reading Age: 5-7 years
This book is for young people every day
Invites you to take action with good deeds, learn more about the Prophet, discover his personality traits, discover more about Islam and read simple surahs of the Quran in English.
30 Days of Education and Good Work is an amazing and very instructive book. Every day I read with my kids, every day the book teaches / reminds me and my kids to do better. ramadan books for kids It is very well put together, every day it helps me to give my kids fun and creative lessons about Islam, Ramadan and our Prophet (pbuh). I highly recommend this book especially at home during the month of Ramadan.
I bought the book for my kids and it was annoying because it didn’t have pictures or color.

7. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page: 32
Reading Age: 3-5 years
What an excellent book, and suitable for ages 2 and up. My year-olds and year-olds were completely amused when I read it to them, and they highlighted the fantastic examples they recognized.
It is written in perfect rhyme and each page has a different color that describes a particular Muslim concept.
This book is a perfect for introducing Islamic themes to any child, even without any previous Islamic background. This would be a great variety for pre-school or Montessori. 
With exciting illustrations and informative texts, ramadan books for kids.
the Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns capture the world of Islam,
This book has nice colorful pictures and rhyming sentences. The language is American, though not annoying. And I wouldn’t call it a much more Islamic description than a cultural description of Middle Eastern customs, 
such as lighting a lantern at the beginning of Ramadan (of course not required in Islam). So for me it’s another simple book with color pictures that my kid loves to see.

8. I Spy Ramadan! Book For Kids: With Coloring Pages.

I Spy Ramadan! Book For Kids: With Coloring Pages
Collected from amazon

Language: English
Page: 61
If you are looking for an interactive eye spy book for kids 2-5 years old then this fun activity book is right for you. It is full of symbols of Islam and Ramadan: crescent, moon, stars, lanterns, dates, mosques etc. ramadan books for kids All you have to do is find a symbol that matches the given description, then turn the page to see if you have chosen correctly.

9. Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Rashad's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr
Collected from amazon

Language: English

Page: 24
Reading Age: 5-8 years
Love this book. Simple but very effective. It always carries a selection of other Islamic children’s books on our Ramadan table.
 The moon changes when you read it and describes how it takes you into the month of Ramadan. The images are beautiful and very relative. ramadan books for kids
 This book is great for explaining what happens in the month of Ramadan and it will be good for Muslims and non-Muslims. Will definitely recommend.
I love this story! I used it when teaching abroad in the Middle East,
 but now I will use it in the United States with all my kids, it was great to find a book that teaches others about Ramadan in a very understandable format.

10. Ramadan Activity Book For Kids

Ramadan Activity Book For Kids
Collected from amazon

Language: English

Page: 82
The kids had a fun time learning about Ramadan with this activity book. 
They entertain while learning a thing or two, ramadan books for kids.
Although there was some really nice activity in this book, I was disappointed that many crossword puzzles don’t have search terms and so can’t be solved. Nice activity and a nice variety but accuracy should also be important.

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