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Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Welcome to our new discussion ! Mizanur Rahman Azhari is a well known name who is a well known speaker and TV fanatic in Bangladesh. We will discuss all these issues today Mizanur rahman azhari biography, Age, Wife, Father name, address, pictures, biodata, date of birth, birthplace, education life, Waz, Earnings and everything about mizanur rahman azhari.

mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Mizanur Rahman Azhari Bangladesh We all know him as a well-educated scholar, If all classes of people in Bengal love a speaker, then he is Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

You will be surprised to know that Mizanur Rahman Azhari, the favorite speaker of the youth of Bengal, is educated.

Everything about Mizanur rahman azhari

Questions Answers
Full Name: Mizanur Rahman Azhari
Nick Name Azhari
Etymology Hanafi
Religion Islam
Age Now (as2021) 30 Years
Birth Date: 26 January 1990
Birth Place: Demra, Dhaka
Profession: Islamic Scholar
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Years active: 2016-present
Hometown: Muradnagar, Kumilla

Height Nody Measurement And Weight

Questions Answers
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 75 Kg
Significant work Tafsir mahfil
Official web Official Facebook Page

Mizanur Rahman Azhari biography And Biodata

His full name is Mizanur Rahman Azhari. The word Azhari has been added to the name of the mind due to studying at Al Azhar University in Egypt. Born on January 26, 1990 in Dhaka Demra, his village home is in Comilla district.  She is currently living in a residential area of Dhaka. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

mizanur rahman azhari  Wife and father name

He married 22 years ago. Mediagon knows that she has a son now because a few days ago she posted a picture with her son on her official Facebook page.his wife: Mrs. Mizanur Rahman His father  is a Madrasa teacher and his mother is a housewife. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

mizanur rahman azhari Father name
Collected from website
Questions Answers
Wife Mrs Mizanur Rahman
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Dark
Favorite food: Rice, Biriyani, Arabian food
Favorite color: Blue, black, white and yellow.

Education life of mizanur rahman azhari

He passed GPA 5 in SSC exam in 2005 and Golden GPA 5 in HSC exam in Alipore in 2006. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz
He also took place in the merit list of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board.

He formed the first graduate commission of Azhar University, winning the first place among the twenty thousand Alia Madrasa students in the private scholarship examination organized by the Islamic Foundation in 2007.

Upon receiving the opportunity, he immediately moved to Egypt as a graduate. From the Department of Tafsir and Quran Science, he received honors in 2012 with 80% CG-PA. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

After studying in Egypt for five years, he moved to Malaysia in 2013.

There he completed his postgraduate studies from the International Islamic University of Garden of Knowledge. He graduated from the Department of Quran and Sunnah Studies in 2016. His CG-PA in the Masters was 3.82 out of four.

The subject of his MPhil research was ‘Human Embryology in the Holy Quran’ (Human Embryology in the Holy Quran).

He was then nominated as a PhD candidate in the al Azhar university. He is pursuing a PhD on ‘Human Behavioral Characteristics in the Holy Quran and Analytical Study’. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Questions Answers
Student Fast: Al-Azhar University
Student Second: Darunnajat Siddiquia Kamil Madrasa

Rewards Of Mizanur rahman

no Rewards
1 Islamic Foundation Bangladesh Al-Azhar Scholarship First Place, 2007 2007
2 Al-Azhar University Scholarship Full Graduate Scholarship, 2006
3 Payment from Sweden-Bangladesh Trust Fund. Department of Economic Relations. Ministry of Finance. 2009
4 The Islamic Foundation under the Ministry of Religion won the first place in the Al Azhar Scholarship Examination in Bangladesh. 2007. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Personal life of azhari

Mizanur Rahman got married on January 29, 2014. He has two daughters.
Family Members:
  1. father
  2. Mother
  3. brother
  4. Mizanur Rahman
  5. Mrs mizanur
  6. Son

Mizanur rahman azhari date of birth And birthplace

Islamic scholar Mizanur Rahman was born on 26 January 1990 in Dhaka-Demra. His father is a madrasa teacher. mizanur rahman azhari address, mizanur rahman azhari home. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Mizanur Rahman Azhari Photos

mizanur rahman azhari mizanur rahman azhari biography
mizanur rahman azhari waz

All photos collected from mizanur rahman azhari official facebook. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Mizanur rahman azhari about Career

Azhari started his career in 2010 with Islamic Ghazal and Kirat. He later joined an Islamic program on ATN Bangla TV

In 2010 ATN Bangla Islamic Talk Show

In 2011 “Apnar Jiggasa”  NTV Islamic Talk Show Religious Problems and Solution

Then 2011 “Prosno Korun” RTV Religious Question and Solutions based Islamic live talk sho

In 2012 Islam O Sundor Jibon Boishakhi TV Islamic sho

Then 2013 Shantir Pothe Boishakhi TV.

He started his career with Waz-Mahfil in early 2015. He has done a program on Baishakhi Television titled ‘Islam and Beautiful Life’. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Mizanur rahman azhari Popularity

In a short time, Mizanur Rahman Azhari has gained popularity among the Muslims of Bangladesh, especially the Muslim youth.

Many of his followers converted to Islam through him. In his tafsir mahfil, a large gathering of ordinary Muslims and youths can be seen. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Azhari is the first Bangladeshi Islamic scholar to gain popularity on social media from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, where his official Facebook page has reached 4 million followers and his Islamic Waz content has also received more than 200 million views on YouTube from individual channels. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

He opened his official YouTube channel on 16 December 2020.

Mizanur rahman azhari income

He has an official verified Facebook page on the social network. There are a private YouTube channel not websites. We did not find any specific information about monthly income.

However, he did not sign the agreement in Tafsir. Take what you get as a gift. Lives in Malaysia for most of the year. Where doing PhD. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Mizanur rahman azhari contact number

How can I contact Mizanur Rahman Azhari?

You can search on Facebook. Mizanur Rahman Azhari has a blue verified Facebook page. You can send a message on Facebook.

Social Media Links of Azhari

Social Media Links
Phone Number: 01
Email: @gmail.com
Wikipedia: Wikipedia
Facebook id Mizanur Rahman Azhari
FB Page Mizanur Rahman Azhari
Twitter Mizanur Rahman Azhari
Instagram Mizanur Rahman
YouTube Mizanur Rahman Azhari
Pinterest Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Mizanur rahman azhari question and answer

Is Azhari married ?  Yes.

Mizanur Rahman started his career with Islamic songs on Azhari TV.

How many children does she have ?  2 daughters.

Where mizanur rahman azhari birthplace?

He was born in Muradnagar, Paramatla village of Comilla.

He is also a good Islamic singer.

His CGPA in Masters was 3.72 out of four.

The subject of his research was ‘Human embryology in the Holy Quran’.

Where does Mizanur Rahman Azhari live now?

According to the last update, he is now living outside Bangladesh, he is now in Malaysia. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Final Talk About Mizanur Rahman

I like Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s Waz. What a beautiful explanation. God bless him. And I personally love Mizanur Rahman Azhari Huzur.
 He is the most talented person. Besides, he is the best Islamic scholar of Bangladesh. Lots of love from me. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz
 Even every child says the same thing, “I love Mizanur Rahman Azhari Waz but I want to be Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s motto.”

Mizanur Rahman  azhari Waz mahfil

There are many youtube channels about mizanur rahman azhari’s waz mahfil who share his waz mahfils I can’t name any specific but here are some youtube channels that share songs regularly and also i am sharing some of his famous waz mahfils with you You can watch from here if you want. Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz

Mizanur Rahman Azhari Waz Channels:

No Channels
1 Farazi Tube
2 MHR Bangla Waz
3 Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Mizanur Rahman Azhari New Waz

Mizanur Rahman Azhari best Waz
Watch And Learn Mizanur rahman azhari biography and waz
        Collected from “islamic life” Channel
Mizanur Rahman Azhari New Waz
 Just Launched best Waz
                    Collected from “Mahfil Tv”
                      Collected from “R I Media”
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