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USM cook library Hours

You can look around the list of instudies web libraries, and USMH has been informed directly from any of the opposite USM libraries. USM cook library Hours. USM Library, university of southern mississippi library, usm cook library USM Library

 There is ample scope for accessible materials through the University System of Maryland online inventory. USM cook library Hours

usm library

Industries can access any of their self-learning databases through the USMH Library PC. A curator is nearby to assist with inquiries during library hours: Monday to Thursday, USM cook library Hours

 8am to 9am; Friday and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. USM library Hour

How to Find Primary Studies At USM libraries

This Article is about finding the initial study. Once you’re at the library’s homepage, look for the “Databases and Guides” location. Then choose a database that starts with a letter from A to W. USM cook library Hours

Dat medline or pubed. Choose one for completing academic research. This is one of the databases we recommend above.

 Academic Search will open in fully advanced search mode. This will allow more sophisticated searches. Use the “Search” boxes to display your search strategy.USM cook library Hours

 An effective way to find preliminary studies is to use three search boxes to enter three important concepts. 

The subject you are looking for. Your target audience needs and ultimately,

 the research method you are hoping to discover. If you are a subject technician, you can look for a quantitative study with a target population in middle school. This is a method developed by Professor Boudri for finding early reading in the classroom. usm cook library phone number

 This should result in a few good articles on the subject. For example, note the presence of an introduction, methodology, results, and conclusions that characterize a preliminary research study. If you need more results than this method provides,USM cook library Hours

 you can use a few strategies to expand the search that is already in front of you. Synonyms and related terms are used to enhance search results. usm cook library phone number

 Or the keyword used in the statement can be used to increase the number of captive articles. Shortcuts can further expand the forms of keywords used to include plurals, singular words, and other forms of words. For example, 

middle school could be middle school or junior high. Quantitative can be quantitative or statistical or survey. The technology can turn into technology or a computer or any other specific device.

 Note how the number of hits increased from usm cook library phone number 89 to 860. USM cook library Hours

Using uncut we can further expand our search. Then the search is done: Middle School * or Junior High Quantitative or Statistics * or Survey * Technology * or Computer * Notice the increase in hits again. Then, to make sure that the spread doesn’t move too far away from our initial search results, 

we add another search box to the search phrase: Method * or Study You want to set a date range in both search strategies and the results are all peer-reviewed. Click to confirm. And as you can see, it reduced the number of hits. 

After looking at your initial reading you may be asked to create a literature review with articles. Follow your professor’s instructions on this process.

 It can help to try to find articles where the target audience and other details of the study are similar.USM cook library Hours

 So that your analysis can be reasonably compared. If not mentioned, it may encourage your professor to look for similar studies with very different study methods. Such as the study of technical teaching tools for school students in qualitative, quantitative, usm cook library phone number

case studies and mixed method approaches. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions about the research process. If you have further questions about the requirements for literature review, please contact your instructor. 

USM Library

   I’m one of about 25 librarians and 45 staff that work at the University of SouthernMississippi libraries so there’s a lot of people working outfront in the public view and also behind-the-scenes to try usm cook library phone number

and make sure that the studentshave access to all the information and resources that they might need tobe successful at Southern Miss we have four libraries that make up universitylibraries there’s two on the Hattiesburg campus and two on the Gulf Coast campus so in Hattiesburg we have Cook library which is the main library forthe University and probably the one that I’ll tend to talkabout the most also in Hattiesburg we have McCain Library and Archives which housesour Special USM cook library HoursCollections Department and Special Collections is historicalmanuscripts digital collections University Archivesand the DeGrummond Children’s Literature collection onthe Gulf Coast we have Gulf Coast library inLong Beach and that’s the main library supportingstudents on the Gulf Coast and then there’s also Gunter library in Ocean Springs which supports the GulfCoast Research Laboratory or GCRL so those are the four librariesthat make up university libraries and the libraries are really a greatplace to study especially Cook library It has the longest hours and most computers of any location oncampus so we’re open from 7:30 in themorning till 2 a.m. usm cook library phone number

University of southern mississippi library

 most Monday through Thursday and then with some variation weekendsand holidays but we try and have late night hours so that if you’re trying to get away from noisy roommates or maybe you can’t startstudying til you get off work and you need a place that’s open a littlebit later we try to have hours that are accommodating of that there are also 275 computers locatedthroughout the five floors of Cook library so there’s plenty of public USM cook library Hourscomputingavailable and there’s also 

a WiFi throughout thebuilding so if you wanna bring in your own laptop orsomething like that you can do that too and then throughout the building there’ssome areas that are designated for group study and someareas that are designated for quiet study so really no matter what your studystyle is we try to have a space that will support you

 I would say that in general the resource that’s used themost is our electronic collection so that would include article databases e-journals and e-books and all those together there’s literallymillions of searches conducted every year in ourelectronic resources collection so we try to provide access to a lot of resources that way and they have you the advantage of beingavailable 24/7 so no matter where you try to get to themUSM cook library Hours

 you can access thoseelectronic resources we have over 150 different databasesthat we subscribe to and trying to navigate all of those can be alittle bit confusing at first or you know there’s a learning curve thereso that’s where the reference librarians can really be a big help you can contactthe reference desk either just by walking in and going up to the library assistance desk in the Learningcommons phoning us email 

or you can actually set up aone-on-one consultation with the librarian in which they can help you with whatever it is that you’retrying to find probably printing is the thing weget asked about the most especially by new students it’s not that printing inthe libraries is difficult necessarily but it’s just a little bit differentthan you know printing at your sitting at homewith the printer that’s right next to your computer USM cook library Hours.

USM cook library

so you have to get used to how toprint in our environment so there are network printers located throughout the building 

so that nomatter where you’re sitting you can send your print job to one of thosenetwork printers and then each student has an online copy print account and it’s that’s how they can pay forprinting and photocopying the basic black-and-white printing is fivecents a page and then we also offer color printingand double-sided printing so the prices vary a little bit but Iwould recommend any students on their first visit toCook Library or Gulf Coast Library if they think they’re gonna need toprint anything you know while they’re students here they should find theprint kioskUSM cook library Hours

 and put some money on their printaccount so that they’ll be ready to go when they need to print something I really love working with thestudents I guess part of me is sort of ateacher at heart and 

so I really enjoy the fact thatI’m helping students to be successful inwhatever it is that they’re trying to do and that could be something you know assimple as somebody who’s maybe coming into the library forthe first time and just kinda feeling confused about how do I check out a book or you know how do Iput money on my print account or helping somebody who’s really you knowworking on a research project and they’re looking for someparticular statistic or some piece of information you know it makes me feel good to thinkthat I’m able to help them get with they need 

and be successful in what they’re trying to do probably my first piece of advice forincoming freshmen is do not be afraid to ask questions sowhether you’re in the libraries or whether you’re talking about something else at the University there’sall sorts of people that are here to help you and we want to help you we wantyou to be successful in whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish that day or in your career and you know we can’t help you if you don’task for helpUSM cook library Hours

 so I would say don’t be shy about asking for help you know there’s nothing to be embarrassedabout you’re a student you’re here to learn and we’re here tohelp you learn so don’t be shy about asking for help.

University of Southern Maine

 Hi and welcome to the University of SouthernMaine Update, the USM update, I am Glenn Cummings, I am the president of the University of SouthernMaine. I’m delighted to be here with you for ourfirst USM Update. With me is our guest, vice president of enrollmentin student affairs, Nancy Griffin.

 The two of us today will be talking aboutsome of the successes that we’ve had over the last year at the University of SouthernMaine, what that means to our students and what that means to the community and someof the strategies the we’re using. And most importantly, about what it mean forour students. So welcome to the show, 

I’m delighted to haveyou with us. I should say on a personal level that I’mdelighted to have you with us at the University of Southern Maine. I can say enrollment and strategies aroundenrollment are probably the most important thing that I can think of that everyone tellsus that we need to be really smart as, or very competitive. I want to just also say that you’re specialin your own right being a Mainer like I am. USM cook library Hours

 You’re from MDI and you also have been workingnationally for a number of colleges and universities and just came back from Hopkins and came tobe our enrollment savior. So tell me a little bit about growing up hereat USM, you graduated from USM, you’re a field hockey player.

 Tell us a little bit about your backgroundand why you wanted to come back to USM. Well first, thank you. I did my undergraduate and I graduated in1982, proud graduate. And I did play field hockey, as you mentioned,was involved in a lot of other things. But I think that my time, in many ways similarto what our students are experiencing at USM right now, because we have such great faculty,are still committed and engaged and I wouldn’t have gone on in higher education if it hadn’tbeen for some key faculty and staff. USM cook library Hours

You know, that makes a difference. It does. It make a huge difference. Our students were very clear with us overthe last couple years, as USM was trying to find it’s footing, so to speak. They were really really clear with us andone of the first things they said, 

how could we be better, you know, how could we be abetter university? And the first thing they said is “I need aUniversity that knows me, that likes me, somebody’s advocating for me, somebody welcomes me intothe university and makes people connected. ” Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ………….. to make it happen you were our main quarterback, at least non-faculty and non-academic. USM cook library Hours

 Tell me a little bit about how you build thatsense of welcoming and connectivity. Well the first thing is, is this year, asyou know, we’re having a great year. Enrollment is up, new student enrollment isup. One of the first things we want is to reallyget to know these new students as they came to us. So this summer, academic advisors, our professionalacademic advisors in our new one-stop shop have met and spent 90 minutes to two hourswith each individual new student. Over seventeen hundred students have comein and met with and academic advisor, talked about what their plans are, 

what their goalsare, what their career aspirations are. So I do think that we’ve got good people thatare getting to know our students and are helping to connect them with the faculty, the restof the community. Our athletes, of course, have the coachesand the support there. We also have students who are peer mentorsconnecting with our students in the residence halls. 

On the Portland campus, we have student leaderswho are helping to connect them from point A to point B and making sure that they’rehaving success. I’m really glad you talked about the athletics,I know that was really important to you, but the athletics, in my mind, are the kind ofmodel that you want at a university across the board and in some cases we have it, ourmusic program and other programs that really get to know the students early. The thing that’s really interesting aboutthe athletic program, is why do they have such high retention? And their grade point average is above.

 Well, someone is welcoming them into the communityof USM and saying ” Hey, we want you to play field hockey, Nancy. Or we want you to play ice hockey for us,Bob.” Nobody ever said that to me, by the way. And they brought them in and then they getto know them and they make sure that there are study hours,

 what’s really interestingabout our athletes is they make sure that there are study hours and tat somebody ispaying attention with them for their grades and those kinds of things. Our goal is really to amplify that out toeverybody, to all our programs and I know you’re doing a great job of trying to makethat happen. USM cook library Hours

 And I think there are key people all overcampus making that happen for all of our students. I can think, at Lewiston, of the staff there,the welcoming community that they’re setting, helping our adult students get connected,whether it be at the Lewiston campus or in a greater community based organization.I agree. 

Talk a little bit about the second thing theytold us which is “I need an affordable education” and historically, we have always had the attitude,at USM, that simply says “you know, we’re a state school, 

we’ve got subsidies, so ourprice point is better than our competitors.” That turned out to not be a good businessstrategy. 

Talk to me about what you’ve been doing. We’ve gotten some really good feedback aboutaffordability. We’ve been packaging some really good scholarshipsand discounts. Tell me what your strategy has been in thatarea. USM cook library Hours

 Well, this year we got lucky in that we didreceive additional money to start merit scholarships for transfer students because a lot of ourstudents are transfer students, those adults that are coming to us.

So not only did we have good merit scholarshipsfor first-year students, but now we’ve got them for transfer students. 

And along with that, we wanted to make surethat we were value added proposition for students and for their family member. So we did change our financial aid packagingso that students didn’t lose money, if they’re a strong student, they’re pell eligible, 

they’rebringing in outside scholarships. We’re going to reward all of that and theirfinancial aid package is going to show that. And we did hear this year from a lot of ourstudents, we’re having record new student group and they’ve said to us, “not only isUSM the place I want to go, but you’ve also made it so I can afford to go, so thank you,it really helped.” And let me finish in a little bit with onelast thing, which is that students have said to us “tell me about the added value of myeducation.” And that’s really about “get me connectedto this great community. Put me into these internships and clinicaland experiences and student teaching that I can get out into Portland and Lewiston andGorham and the region. Help me with that. USM cook library Hours ” Do you think that’s important in terms ofrecruiting students? Does that click with them? Absolutely, it very much clicks. I can give you an example. Last week, I was talking to a father and adaughter, she had just come in. She was choosing USM over Amherst college,making that decision rather late in the summer, but she gave it some thought. And the reason that she’s coming to us isbecause she wants a law degree. So she’s now enrolled in our three plus threein the law degree. She’s gonna save time and money and she said”you’ve made it affordable to me and this is where I want to be.” One really good example of what we’re talkingabout when we talk about connectivity, affordability and really added value for students is, oneof the concrete things we’ve done, is a one stop shopping in Luther Bonney.USM cook library Hours

 So when a student walks in, they literallyget financial aid, they get advising, they get career placement, the registrar, admissions. All in one place, which it decreases thatfrustration level. We’re gonna show you a little clip, if youwill, of what we mean by student support, a neighborhood or one stop shopping for ourstudent. Hi, my name is Beth Higgins and I’m the directorof academic advising here, at the University of Southern Maine.

USM cook library Hours

 We have a new place especially for you, reallygeared towards your success, it’s a neighborhood, a neighborhood of people that can assist youand help you be successful, all the way through admission through graduation. So please, come into the space and let’s showyou around. So our first area that we’d like to introduceyou to is student financial services and this is Elizabeth. Hi, we can answer questions about your bill,about financial aid, the financial aid process, any financial concerns that you might have,please come and visit us. And this whole other area is all about advising. And advising is really here for you. We have professional advisors, as well asother people that can help you out with your daily questions or identifying your educationalcareer goals and helping you through to achieve those. So we want to work with you and advising isnot just about course selection, it’s much, much more. I’d like to introduce you to a few of my colleagueshere in the registration services. Hi there, we are the office formerly knownas the registrar’s office, which has historically only been in Gotham and we are thrilled tobe here as part of this Portland office. We do everything from helping students withregistration to transcripts, enrollment verifications, scheduling issues, you name it. Annie? Questions about your schedule, policies, procedures,adding a course, dropping a course, whatever it is, we’re happy to help you. So this whole area is really here to helpyou. We’re gonna walk through here, but I alsowant to introduce you to the new computer lab, I think that it’s pretty awesome andit’s here being utilized, as well as some additional space for you to meet the otherstudents, faculty and staff. Hello. And here, we have Travis. 

usm cook libraryWelcome, we are Community Engagement and CareerDevelopment and we help students with a variety of services including career preparation,we help with resume and cover letter review. university of southern mississippi library

We have walk-in hours for that or you cancall and set up a one-on-one appointment. We also host the annual job fair in Februaryand we do the Husky annual day of of service, which is a day where you can volunteer alongside other student, faculty and staff.

 It’s one day in the Spring. We also help students find internships, servicelearning opportunities and volunteer opportunities. So if that interests you, please stop by ouroffice or give us a phone call and we’d love to help out. Thanks. So thanks.

usm cook library Thanks for being with us and traveling throughthis tour. We really hope that you will come in hereand utilize the people that are are to help you. Well thank you, Nancy. USM cook library Hours

This has been terrific for us. I mean, you really do embody why one stopshopping and our student support neighborhood is so important and I can’t thank you enoughfor the work that you’ve done and the region thanks you and more importantly, the universityitself and all the parents and students who have invested their time and money has reallythanked you. I know you’ve spent a lot of time out in Gorhamover the last weekend greeting all those parents and I can tell you I did a little of thatand they’re very very impressed with how welcoming we of southern mississippi library

usm cook library So thanks you very much for you work. When we come back, we will be going to FenwayPark in Boston, Massachusetts to meet up with one of our graduates, Kyle Raynor,university of southern mississippi library

 who isworking for the Boston Red Sox, our favorite team in the league, here in New England. And we are very pleased and very proud ofKyle. university of southern mississippi library.

They have well-educated students, their availabilityworks great with our schedule and they’ve really performed well for us over the years,so it’s one of the first places we look when we need interns. Every year, it’s a great relationship. university of southern mississippi library

You can’t get better experience, I don’t think,then actually doing on-field, hands-on work that your students would be doing the samething that a regular employee would be doing. One of our goals is to develop really strongrelationships with our students. The more we get to know our students, themore we can help them achieve their dreams and their goals in the sports management industry. You get that one-on-one time with ProfessorWilliams, Professor Parker, and work with them and figure out what your career of southern mississippi library

 And I think that really helped me, doing somejobs with the Pirates and the Sea Dogs and they put a lot of trust in you. When someone walks into my office, one ofthe things, I want to know a little bit about them, I want to know what their favorite teamis, who their favorite player is, what they want to do in the sports industry, do theywant to work in hockey, do they want to work in baseball, do they want to work for a marketingagency? And knowing that information, really takingthe time to build those relationships, allows me to help connect them with the people inthe industry that will ultimately lead them to their success.

university of southern mississippi library USM really got me involved, Heidi Parker wasmy advisor when I first started going there. I transferred from a couple school, didn’treally know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. She got me into the Sports Managment program. Sports was always something that I did, soI knew that was the direction I wanted to go to. And having the Sea Dogs right in the backyardreally helped out and she got me introduced to them and I’ve been working here now for,this is my fifth season. Looking back on it now, I think this is mysort of core points of my success at USM, just to have that sort flexibility, no moreprofessors were behind me, they were standing beside me and taking what I’ve learned inthe classroom and implement in the field, whether that be with the Sea Dogs, the Pirates,or any of the other projects they had us work on. Going from a rural college up in Vermont,then coming down to Portland, it was a great change for me. I actually think about it all the time, likeI don’t know where I would be if I had stayed at that. It was definitely, now looking back on it,one of the smartest moves of my career, so far. 

USM cook library HoursNo having a job here and coming to Fenwayevery day. usm library

And thank you to the Portland Sea Dogs, theBoston Red Sox, Kyle, and our Sports Managment program, for letting us take a view up closeof just what it means to be a USM graduate in that exciting program. Next up, we’re going to take you to a welcomeweekend and the sights and sounds of what it was like last weekend as we brought inthe largest incoming class in over a decade to USM. We’ll be right back with you. usm library

Many of the folks that I’m in classes withare working professionals, there are a lot of nurses and what not who have families andcareers and they’re here just to take the next step and keep learning. I drop my son off at school in the morning,I come to school myself, I make it home in time by four o’clock to make dinner.

 It’s almost like a work day because it’s solocal. The fact that I don’t have to worry aboutthe bills mounting, as I would if I were getting an education and experience in other settings. I can have more ease of mind and I can enjoymy family more. usm library

 Welcome back to USM update, I am Glenn Cummings,the president of the University of Southern Maine and I’m delighted to talk with you alittle bit about some of the exciting things that just happened this past weekend at whatwe call Welcome Weekend, which literally several thousand students make their way into ourdormitories and onto our campus and we had a number of really exciting things. usm library

 Our entire staff on the enrollment side wereout there to shake hands and help move boxes up four or five, six, seven stories, as necessaryto get students moved in. We were delighted to do a few things differentlythis year. We had our USM Sea Dogs night which got severalhundred USM alumni and students and incoming students there at the Sea Dogs on Friday nightand we were very excited about the response that we got from them. usm library

And even though my pitch across the platewas a little soft, according to some critics, I had a great time that night opening up thegame with the first pitch and we also had a fantastic victory over Trenton. When you’re back on the Gorham campus or thePortland campus, we did some things we hadn’t done before. usm library

 We had a commuter orientation, we had a PokemonGo scavenger hunt on Sunday and Saturday, we had an opening breakfast, specificallyfor students, on Sunday morning. usm cook library

 And I got a chance to go around on Saturdaywhen the parents were still there at Brooks dining hall and I can tell you, it was wonderfulconversations with parents and one parent said something to me, that will probably alwaysstick in my mind. I said “why didn’t you go to your state university.” And she said “we went there for an orientation,kind of an admissions tour,” and she said “they spent all of their time talking abouthow great their professors were, which was a good thing. 

But they never talked about the students once. And at USM, we consistently talked about howgreat our students were. USM cook library Hours

” That difference is significant for us. We believe in the power of our students toreally make a great university and that’s significant for lot of families.

And they came out on Welcome Weekend and reallyhelped express their commitment to coming to USM and to be part of our team. So now, let’s take a look. Let’s take a look at Welcome Weekend. usm library

We have some great clips of what happened,there’s some exciting thing that we’re all really really proud of and we can share someof those. So take a look at Welcome Weekend from theinside. So it’s freshman move-in day here at UptonHastings, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on later tonight and throughout the weekend. Right now we’re basically just checking kidsinto the room and getting them situated with their roommates and getting comfortable forthe day.usm library

 Yeah, today is basically just the gettingsettled day, so we have activities in the evening but for the most part, we’re justkind of allowing them some time to move in, get settled and meet their roommates, somefor the first time. university of southern mississippi library

USM has this app on the app store called theUSM Guide Book and every event that we have going on campus is gonna be on there and itsnot only for the weekend, it’s throughout the whole year too. usm library

Tonight, for example, we have our buildingmeetings, we have talk about it which is sexual assault training and then tomorrow we haveevents all throughout the day and I encourage everyone to download the USM app. Partners for World Health takes all of thesegoods that were heading for the landfill, lowering hospital costs, allowing us to changethem in some way which is what our volunteers do and what your USM students are doing today. university of southern mississippi library

 It’s incredible, the amount of medical wastethat’s perfectly good is discarded. I’m looking forward to knew friends. It will be different being more on an academiccourse than doing clubs and sports. university of southern mississippi library

 So that’s gonna be the big major change, it’sgonna be weird not going to practice like I used to, just going to the library, studying. It’s been really hectic at first. Everybody just likes to move on the very firsttime that they can. university of southern mississippi library

 We’re going up the stairs and stuff, peopleare bumping into each other because they’re coming down, people are going up with heavyboxes. But people are getting where they need tobe. And it’s exciting. It’s exciting for us, it’s exciting for allthe new students and I think it’s gonna be of southern mississippi library

 It’ll be a good year. We want to thank everybody who made WelcomeWeekend so productive, so exciting, and so happy for so many of our students. And most importantly, a very very welcomingweekend and fun. Also, I just wanted to say when we talkedabout our “good news,” we have a lot of good news around enrollment, around being ableto put some reserves in our accounts for the first time in four years, our financial stabilityis very strong. university of southern mississippi library

And one other piece of really good news hasbeen our giving. We have received, from alumni and from communityand businesses, literally thousands of dollars and we were just able to announce a reallybig, very important half a millions dollars, 500 thousand dollar gift from the Boyne Foundationto help with our nursing and nursing scholarships. We know many of our nurses need that kindof of southern mississippi library

 I addition, we are asking everyone to participatein the region as we move towards what we call our thanks a million goal on November 15th,a day of giving, a day of philanthropy at the University of Southern Maine and acrossthe nation, but in University of Southern Maine, our day of giving is specifically forscholarships for our students. university of southern mississippi library

We all you to please help, think about thesupport we have. Half of our students are first-generationand many of them qualify for financial aid on the Pell grants. So they need that support, they need thathelp and we urge you to participate in giving us that kind of support. Let me wrap up by saying thank you. university of southern mississippi library

Thank you for listening to our first USM Update. We’ll be doing one of these each month overthe course of this academic year. I want to thank Nancy Griffin, our vice presidentof enrollment who was with me earlier. I want to thank the sports management programand all of those who participated. And thank you for the staff and the supportthat allowed us here at channel 5 to be part of a great discussion in an important universitythat hopefully can serve every day the interest of our students in other regions. university of southern mississippi library

So thank you for being here. We look forward to more presentations andmore updates as we go forward. 

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