Car ads ।। Vintage car museum ।। This world museum: car ads 2020

Car ads ।। Vintage car museum  
Car ads  Vintage car museum
Car ads , Vintage car museum 

 not much of a presenter, and straight after that you are going to know I am notmuch of a singer either, but sometimes in life, like making a model, you have just gotto go with the flow and make a start.

 So with no further ado, and no more takes,this is 494 Garage, I am DeeEss, and this is a theme song.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 IPMS Scale Model World, the world’s biggestplastic model show, was held last month.
 Thousands of people headed out to Telfordto enjoy the festivities and competitive hostilities, and I had to be one of them.
 To cut a long story short, I bought some tickets,took some pictures, swapped some old kits, found my bed and breakfast, had a nice fishand chips in a nice chip shop, found out what “the last lamp post” meant, checked outmy new kits, got some sleep, got some breakfast,
 went back to Scale Model world, took somemore pictures, and finally went home. The biggest highlight of the trip though,was stumbling across Ron and Ian Knott’s amazing Motor Museum in Miniature.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 Hundreds of scale models packed into one diorama. I hope you enjoy taking a look at this creation.
 I did. At first, I did not realise I was lookingat a museum. I was really studying that VW bus. Im sure that kit has got a manufacturing ordesign flaw or something that stops the doors working.
 I do not know. I do not think I have ever seen one that doesnot have broken hinges or glued doors or something like that, but anyway…
 While I was looking, I noticed an old geezernoticing me so I assumed he had to be the builder.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 He asked if I liked that one, and I replied,talking about the doors and stuff, like I knew something, and he was courteous, but thenhe started to tell me about the model right beside it. This is his 1889 Daimler Wire Wheel Car.
 The world’s first V2 engined car. Also, the world’s first first four-wheeled wire-wheeled car. Also, the world’s first four-speed manual transmission car.
 You might not of heard of it but you get theidea. Here is a picture of the original. It is a super-important vehicle in the developmentof the car industry.
 And here again is Ron’s replica – with workingwheels and working steering.
 Now, at this point it is only fair to highlightthe fact that Ron built his model from scratch. No kit to buy. No template to be found. No problem.
 In hindsight I really did not notice the hugeentrance wagon right beside them, because my mind was still kind of blown from whatI had just been shown so I’m glad I got some pictures.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 Little did I know that I was just gettingstarted with this diorama. On the other side of that wall, The MotorMuseum in Miniature was nothing less than that. A replica scale motor museum.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 It has got vehicles, exhibits, visitors, staff,merchandise, refreshments… It has got three separate exhibition halls. I don’t think there is anything more youcould expect.
 Fire extinguishers, seating areas, dustbins. Just look for yourself… Now, Hall 1 was set up as the history hall.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 All the significant marques, manufacturersand contributors were represented in some way shape or form. Iconic cars and bikes
 Iconic engines. Curated displays describing the history ofthe petrol pump, and the evolution of the motor car.
 I have got a lot of vintage kits so I wasglad to see a few of them included, but it was clear that these guys had kits on kitson kits, and Ron, being a complete gentleman, answered all of my questions. I cannot honestly remember what model thiswas of but that is on me.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 And I’ll be seeing Ron again. But at the time I honestly could not comprehendwhat I was seeing. Ron had scratch built every important carfrom the beginning of what we call motoring.
 And they were built solidly. He was picking them up, handling them andshowing off their features. Look at this 1885 Daimler motorbike. And how about this Citroen 2CV? It might be a missing headlight lamp, butthis was scratch-built many many years before any kit release.
 Canvas seats, canvas roof. You know what it is… Hall 2 was filled with special versions andmore exhibitions breaking down the wider history of motoring. Original and rally versions were placed sideby side, and I just loved this little display built from two tiny Vespa kits from Tamiya.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 Ian had taken over the tour and he explainedhow he had built up the blue one as a Paris-Dakar Rally version. He told me that this was not t just a randomcreation he made because he had the kits, he explained that the humble Vespa was themost reliable vehicle ever to compete in the Paris Dakar rally.
 Probably, because it couldpractically surf over the sand on its iconic wide foot board.
 Here is a display showing how road directionsigns have developed over the years. And here are two Morris Minors. Now, you probably have not seen a Morris Minorkit, but this time they are not scratch built.
 These are built up from a resin kit that Ronand Ian have developed themselves as their first commercially available kit. Kind of ironic that the first kit they havebrought out is of the first car I ever wanted as a kid. No doubt I will be building my dream Morrissoon.
Car ads ।। Vintage car museum
 Anyways like I said, I am not much of a presenteryet, so let us watch the pictures talk for a while Hall 3 was dedicated to professional motorracing.
 Again, the pictures will probably talk moresense than I will, but I have got to say I loved it.
 Ron and Ian have well over 200 vehicles fortheir museum, so they can change exhibits and change themes at will and that is justin 1/24 scale.

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