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Tech news of today #3-

Tech news of today
Tech News of today

eedlessto say, it didn’t sell well. It wasn’t a good start for Job’s fledgingcompany and so he decided to shift the company to building software. Pixar But Jobs’ focus was drawn elsewhere…
 somewhererather unusual – the movies. In 1986, he bought Pixar from George Lucas. As part of his dream for this company,

to be responsible for the first movie done entirely with computer-animation. It took four years, but he eventually achievedthat dream. That movie was Toy Story. It was released in November 1995 it becamea favorite film for kids and adults, and to this day maintains a perfect 100% score onRotten Tomatoes.. A year after the release of Toy Story, therewas even better news…
 Jobs took Pixar public and in something ofa deja vu situation, his shares were worth one BILLION dollars after the first day oftrading. This first day of trading was the first ina string of good days for Jobs. Shortly after Pixar went public, Apple putout the welcome mat for Steve Jobs to return.
 When he returned in 1997 the company was operatingat a loss, and they needed Jobs’ vision and drive back at the helm.

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announced that they would buy thestruggling Next Computer Company – turning a previous failure of Jobs into a success… Return to Apple Jobs triumphantly returned to the companythat he founded. The company wanted him to bring Apple to theforefront of the personal computer market. Within months of his return, Jobs was namedCEO. He paid himself a salary of only one dollara year, and in exchange brought both business acumen and creative design ideas to the companyHe negotiated a financial deal with Microsoft that brought Apple cash flow it needed tostay afloat,
while helping Microsoft avoid the perception that they were a monopoly. Then, he envisioned the big idea that helpedbring Apple back to profitability in its own right – the iMac. It was in 1998 that Apple released the brightlycolored, egg-shaped desktop computer called the iMac.

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iMacis even still made today… althoughit looks rather different today! From the iMac forward, Apple and Jobs justcouldn’t miss. They revolutionized the way people listento music in 2001 with the iPod, and then the way they communicated in 2007 with the iPhone,and then were pioneers in the tablet market with the 2010 release of the iPad. Jobs once said of Apple, “We started out toget a computer in the hands of everyday people,

 and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.” Today, it’s nearly impossible to walk downthe street without seeing someone with an Apple-made device in their hands.
In 1986 his adoptive mother was diagnosedwith lung cancer,
this, for the first time,
 prompted Jobs’ interest in his biologicalparents. When his adoptive mother passed away, Jobsspoke to his father about contacting his birth parents, whose names he had on documents fromhis parents. Jobs met both his birth mother, Joanna Scheible,and his biological sister,
 Mona Simpson, shortly after his adoptive mother died. Scheible and Jobs’ birth father had divorcedin 1962 when the Syrian migrant opted to return to Syria after earning his PhD. When Jobs was introduced to Mona, she wasstill searching for their father.
 Jobs joined her in the search, and what theyfound out was surprising. Their father was not in Syria working in academia… Rather, their father was living in Californiaand running a restaurant.

 Jobs had no interest in getting to know hisfather as he had gotten to know his mother and Mona, though, explaining his decisionby saying, “I learned a little bit.
Laurene Powell was an MBA student at Stanford,and Jobs struck up a conversation with her after the lecture. He invited her out to dinner that night, andthe two began a romantic relationship. A Zen Buddhist monk presided over their weddingceremony at Yosemite National Park in 1991, and over the next seven years the couple hadthree children. They remained married until Jobs’
 deathin 2011. Sickness Amidst all of the successes of the early yearsof the 21st Century, Jobs was not free from worry. And neither was Apple Computers. In 2003, Jobs received the news all of usdread – he had cancer. His doctors had found a cancerous tumor inhis pancreas,
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 and though operable it was a rare form of cancer… Jobs refused to listen to his doctors andhave an operation right away, though. Instead he opted to explore other options,namely veganism and acupuncture. In 2004, with these alternative methods notimproving his condition,
opted to have the tumor surgically removed. Several cancer specialists have since saidthat period of waiting may have cost Jobs years of his life. In 2005, Jobs gave a commencement addressat Stanford University that frankly and poignantly discussed his thoughts on life and death nowthat he had to confront the matter head-on.

The fifteen minute speech reflected on threemoments in his life that helped get him to where he was, and in telling those storieshe imparted a message to the graduates – and to the world – to do what you love, rememberyou are going to die, and have trust in your inner voice.

Tech news of today…
Sadly, it was for only six weeks that he wouldwork for Apple in this capacity. On October 4, 2011, Jobs lost consciousness. He was only 56 years old. The world greeted the death of this technologyicon with shock and grief. California’s Governor issued a proclamationfor a Steve Jobs Day to be celebrated, and the companies with which he was associatedall issued statements about the life, creativity, and innovation of their founder and partner.
His family held a private funeral, the detailsof which are still unknown. He was certainly a difficult man to deal with,but he was an innovator, a businessman, and a visionary whose ideas shaped the world welive in today

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