make in india vs made in china : India boycott Chinese brand and apps tikiok

make in India vs made in China, India vs China population, India vs China economy

make in India vs made in China
make in India vs made in China

Hey guys its Fulinfa get. Welcome back to my channel everyone.
make in india vs made in china
 Remember you could turn on the subtitles here if you don’t understand English or Chinese you can understand it because there will beating beneath my face.

 There you go.
 So recently because of the border clash between China and India,
 Indian people have started boycotting Chinese products. Gathering the Chinese products from their homes and setting them on fire. It’s a sentiment shared by many including an influential group of traders. There’s a lot of pictures going around on the Internet of Indian people burning Chinese flags stomping on their Chinese made phones.

 They’ve had enough. No more! For some reason a lot of the boycott movement is focused on the mobile phone industry.
So what phones do Indian people buy and if they don’t want to buy Chinese made phones what can they buy? So right now in India they have Apple.

make in india vs made in china
 Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPORTUNITY, Vivo, real me, OnePlus, ASUS, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia and HTC. So if you split these into Chinese and no Chinese brands you can see that Samsung ASUS LG Nokia Apple and HTC are the non-chinesebrands.

 Well everyone knows Apple is made in China so you can’t buy that. The only real choice that Indians have issamsung. The other choices ASUS Nokia LG HTC, I mean who really buys them now. They’re terrible phones. And also another thing to mention is noneof these brands are Indianindia vs china economy. Do not be mistaken you are understanding thiscorrectly there is not a single Indian mobile phone. So in order to fully boycott China Indianpeople will have to carry a bomb around them at all times.

 That’s a bad joke. So currently this is what Indian electronicstores look like. I mean I’d buy that speaker it looks prettygood. I wonder what the reviews say? Worst product made in China. God damn it. That’s the only product in the store.

india vs china population
 Last week the Indian government also announcedthey are banning 59 Chinese apps. This is completely outrageous. What gives India the right to just ban a Website. Ban an app just like that. Let me google what apps they’ve blocked. Hang on a second. All right well f*k.

I always knew that Tiktok was a danger to society.
 I mean look at this video. That’s too dangerous for anyone to see. But that’s not the only thing people are boycotting. Zomato have resigned from their services since Saturday in Calcutta. They state Tomato has Chinese investment and they will not work for an organization which gives returns to the Chinese. From that from that from the organization that they used to work that was Zomato.

india vs china economy
 You can’t just take Chinese investment. That’s, that’s insane. Zomato is like Elementary in India. So they get like delivery guys running in and delivering food. It’s dangerous all right. You could get run over.
 According to Wikipedia / 404. They have 5000 employees.

 So I don’t really see what 20 people quitting does to affect the company. But OK. And when they say they took Chinese investment,this is evil.

 I can just imagine like a guy sitting in hisoffice in Shenzhen of like ‘why has the company I just invested in started going on strike?’.
 I don’t really see how a person who happensto be Chinese investing in your company is a bad thing unless you just hate Chinese peoplelike ‘Ah fuck it’s a Chinese persons money! Oh we can’t take that. Ahhhh!’. What do you think about it?

And do you think banning these apps is a goodthing or a bad thing. Do you think it should be illegal. What do you think. Comment down below. Personally I don’t think that China can reallyargue this as they’ve been blocking apps and websites for decades.

make in india vs made in china
You can’t block apps! don’t block my apps’. But on the other hand this boycott China movement does seem to be a kind of political distraction. Okay. Don’t look at us. Look at them. Look at China. Look what they’re doing.

india vs china population
And if it does last long enough what I hopeis going to happen is India starts making their own products. India starts copying Chinese tech companies and has like a bunch of cheap Indian phones that I want to buy. So win win for me really.
 If you hate Chinese products so much why don’t you make your own ones. All right. That’s all I’m saying going around there burning flags.
 Doesn’t really do anything does it make your own decisions products.

 How about that. I mean Indians are starting to use this America app called Triller in order to boycott TikTok. Have a look at this. Look how similar it is.

 Vertical form video. You swipe up to see the next one. You know you can see the style is very similar to Tiktok and you can create your own video inside the app picking a song. If you’ve ever used Routine or TikTok you can see how similar it is. At the end of the day I don’t see India and China as long term enemies.

make in india vs made in china
 It kind of reminds me of when China was like boycott Japanese products and they were like turning over cars in the streets in China. And then this guy was like What, dude, That’smy car. That’s my car.
 I’m not Japanese. What are you doing? leave me alone. Leave me out of this. I just bought this car last week.

 Why are you turning it over?? What I mean by that is these protests usually cause more harm than good because a lot of companies like Xiaomi have a big investment in India and have like a ton of employees in India.
 That helps the Indian economy.
 So people boycotting Xiaomi doesn’t really help India it hurts them.

make in india vs made in china
 Anyway guys what do you think about the boycott? And finally let’s learn some British English. This week or next week I’m going to be starting a new amazing spectacular business English course so get ready for that next week.
 Today’s British English is Don’t hate the player hate the game. Don’t hate the player hate the game. 不要恨这个玩家,恨这个游戏 because you suck at the game.
 And so if you don’t like Chinese productsdon’ hate China hate that you’re not doing as well as China.

make in india vs made in china
 That’s what I mean. Invest in your own economy invest in your own startups. All right. Thanks for listening guys. And remember you can go to the Wechat subscription account 英国力士 and read today’s article. Thanks for listening. Speak to you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Bye!

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