gas pain in lower back : left side & right side । Pro Tips । gas pains in lower back and stomach

gas pain in lower back : gas pains in lower back and stomach : gas pain in lower back left side .

gas pain in lower back
gas pain in lower back 

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo,
 and todayI’m going to show you my top 5 ways to reduce neck pain.

gas pain in lower back.
 so let’s get started so. so before we get started, if you haven’talready, make sure and click on the subscribe button down below, and you canalways find me at .
 so we’re gonna start off with somestretches, and then we’ll move into the exercises towards the end. so the firststretch is an upper trap stretch.

gas pains in lower back and stomach.
 a lot of times when you have neck pain, thoseupper trap muscles really get tight, and they’ll cause more neck pain becausethey’re they come up all the way up those upper traps and connect to theneck area and then come down into the shoulders.
 so there’s a couple differentways you can stretch the upper trap.

gas pain in lower back left side
 the one I usually show you is where you’rekind of sitting on your hand. today I’m going to show you it a little bitdifferently, but if you have some shoulder issues, this might be a littleuncomfortable so do which one is more comfortable for you.
gas pain in lower back
 this time you’rejust going to place your hand behind your back. so my hands just kind of inthe middle of my lower back and my elbows to the side right here.
 so I’mkeeping it close to my body. this is the side I want to stretch.
 I’m gonna take myother hand and bring it up and over almost where I’m touching the top of myear. then I’m gonna gently pull my ear over towards that side keeping myshoulder down low getting that stretch right through here. and you’re gonna holdthat stretch for 30 seconds.

gas pain in lower back and abdomen.
 if you want more of a stretch, take the elbow on thatside and pull downwards towards the floor or if you’re sitting in a chairdown towards the chair,

gas pain in lower back.
hat’ll give you that extra stretch in there. 30seconds doing that 3 times on each side.
 but remember with a stretch you don’twant it to be painful, you want it to be tension where it’s that hurt so goodfeeling. so then the next stretch is going to be the levator scapulae stretchand that levator SCAP muscle is the one that elevates our lifts up our shoulderblades. and so a lot of times when we’re holding stress,
 we overwork that muscleand it tightens and we kind of sit up in this position, and that can cause alot of neck pain because that that muscle again goes all the way up intothat cervical spine or that neck area and can put a lot of pain and stress onthat area.

gas pain in lower back during pregnancy.
 so the way to stretch that one out is this one’s going to be a littlebit differently, so again you’re going to use your arm butthis time it’s going to go up.

 so you can either just raise your arm, or I like tokind of put it back this way where my elbow is kind of pointing up towards theceiling. so I’d be stretching this side now. so you’re putting the arm up or theelbow up on the side that you want to stretch and all this does is this kindof pushes that shoulder blade down,
 and so that helps keep it down to get abetter stretch. so again if this is uncomfortable for your shoulder,
 youdon’t have to do that part, but you’re gonna get a little bit better stretch ifyou can do that because it holds that shoulder blade down while you stretch.the important part of this stretch is you’re not bringing your head downyou’re not bringing it over to the side like for that upper trap stretch butyou’re bringing it down kind of an angle where you want your nose to be at abouta 45 degree angle towards your opposite knee.

gas pain in lower back.
 so it’s not down and then this way,it’s turning your head kind of rotating it and then coming down. so elbow up, nosetowards the opposite knee, hand up, and over behind the head. and then you’repulling down and you should feel that stretch in that upper neck area, thatlevator scapulae muscle that goes through there and it goes all the waydown to that shoulder blade.

 so again you’re getting that nice stretch inthere, holding it for 30 seconds, coming back up, three times on each side becauseif you’re having neck pain,

gas pains in lower back and stomach.
so another great way to relieve that neckpain or reduce that neck pain is to use heat or cold therapy, and the folks atbio med DB Design LLC sent me their sunny Bay hands-free neck wrap.
 and sowhat I really like about using heat therapy and cold therapy is, the generalrule if you’re doing stretches and exercises is to use heat before to helploosen up the muscles and then the cold therapy afterwards.
 so after you’vegotten everything excited and working use that cold therapy to cool it backdown.
gas pain in lower back during pregnancy.

so you can heat it up in themicrowave and then afterwards you can put it in the freezer and cool it backdown to the cold therapy. they’ve also changedtheir design a little bit. you might have seen me talk about these in thein the past,
 but they added an elastic band here which is really nice becauseit helps just hold the wrap on your neck a little bit better.

gas pain in lower back.
so it’sreally nice. they use you know all natural products on the inside so it’syou know sometimes flax seeds sometimes it’s lavender, and so they use differentkinds with that as well.
 so if you’re interested in purchasing their product,make sure and click on the link up there. so now we’re going to go into someexercises.

gas pain in lower back during pregnancy.
 once you’ve gotten everything stretched out, warm it up first, get itstretched out, then you want to go into the exercises. so one of my favoriteexercises if you’ve seen some of my videos for neck pains is chin tucks. achin tuck is really great because it’s kind of a stretch and an exercisecombined together, but it’s a great way to help get you back in good posture.
 alot of times with neck pain it comes from people like this either at theircomputer or if they’re focusing on something they really bring that headforward, and that puts

gas pain in lower back

so a chin tuck issuper simple. you’ve probably seen in some of my videos where you use myfinger as a target.
 you don’t have to do that. the great thing about a chin tuckis you can do it anywhere, it is super easy.
 people might look at you a little funnywhen you’re doing it, but it’s easy to do. and so all you’re doing is just like itsounds you’re tucking your chin back and in,
 but it’s not down towards your you’re just taking your chin keeping it level,you want to keep your head level,
 you’re not coming down or not coming up, butyou’re just bringing your head in almost you know if you have a wall or somethingbehind you your chair behind you just try and push your head into the wall or the chair.

gas pain in lower back and abdomen.
you might feel some tightnessin the back, you might feel some tightness in the front as well, and holdthat for about 3 to 5 seconds, and then relax.
 you can do those 5 times. you cando them several times throughout the day, but again you’re just taking that chintucking it in, and getting that you’re working the muscles and you’restretching the muscles at the same time. so it’s a really great exercisecombination stretch to really kind of reset everything. and a lot of times justdoing two or three you can already feel that you’re kind of back inthat upright position.

 your head’s not forward so much, so I really like thatexercise. and then the last one is just a another super simple one that youcan do all the time which is going to be an isometric exercise.
 a lot of time withisometric exercises, if your neck is a little bit out of alignment or needsomething like a pop, doing an isometric exercise not only help strengthen it butsometimes it will help adjust your neck as well.

gas pain in lower back
gas pain in lower back left side
 so the one that I’m going to dofor you today and and you can follow along with me is a side bent isometricexercise. but what isometric exercises are is you’re contracting the muscle butyou’re not really moving the muscle, so if you’re having a lot of pain you cantighten it up. you can exercise it but you’re not moving to a position thatmight be painful or uncomfortable right the motion you’re gonna be doing is this way.keeping your shoulders down your head going over, but your head’s not actuallygonna move. you’re gonna place your hand on the side of your forehead here onyour temple area, and then you’re just gonna push into your hands. so see myhead’s not moving you might see it move just a little bit,
gas pain in lower back
 but all I’m doing isI’m activating these muscles over here on this side. when you first do this, justhold it for about three to five seconds, but don’t push as hard as you can tostart off with because it might be a little uncomfortable.
gas pains in lower back and stomach
 maybe do thirty toforty percent of as hard as you think you can push. so pushing over to the sidethis is the motion I’m doing but I’m not going anywhere.
 I’m pushing into my handand then I like to go back and forth on each side instead of dothem all on one side. I just like to alternate back and forth just to givethe muscle a little bit of a break.

gas pain in lower back
 so that 3 to 5 second hold maybe doing 5 oneach side and that should really again not only help strengthen the muscle itmight help get you back into alignment a little bit, and just get that neck painout of there in general. so there you have it, those are my top 5 ways toreduce neck pain.
kif you’d like to purchase the sunny baton neck wraphands-free, make sure and click up there, and don’t forget to subscribe byclicking down there.
 and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.
gas pain in lower back

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