Covid19: half million deaths

Covid19: half million deaths.

Covid19: half million deaths
Covid19: half million deaths

hello and welcome to News Review I’mneil and joining me from her lockdown so studio on the other side of London is Catherine hi Catherine hello Neil and hello everyone yes today’s story is about Cove in 1900 million p.

around the world have now sadly died withcoronavirus now don’t forget if you want to test yourself on any of the OCA Clary that you learned today there’s  okay let’s find out some more about their story from this World Service news bulletin more than
andtwenty-five thousand deaths yes that’s right now over a half a million peoplearound the world have died from coronavirus with the USA topping thetables with a hundred and twenty five thousand.
 deaths in that country aloneokay well you’ve been looking at the media and checking out what language isbeing used.

 around this story what have you got for us yes today we have deathtoll milestones and grim death toll milestones and grim so your firstheadline please Katherine yes of course now we’re starting today right here inthe UK with the the headline is coronavirus covered 19 death toll hits500,000 worldwide
 death toll number of people who have died because of aparticular event yes there are two parts to this word in fact there are two wordsthe first word is death de ATH and the second word is tallit tol l orare some people like to pronounce it tol so
will hear taller asnow death is a noun form of the verb to die to die to lose your life theopposite of live is die the opposite of life is death the word Torah tio doublel has a

attached to payment or cost or price now Neal you know what ataller Road is don’t you yeah a toll road or a toll bridge is one that youhave to pay to use pay with money actual money in this sense we’re talking abouta different kind of cost don’t we yes so a toll road a toll bridge a toll gate issomething
 that you pay money to use so it’s this idea of payment or cost nowthis disease covered 19 has taken at all is taken a payment if you like and thepayment has been in human lives so we use the the adjective

 sorry the noundeath death toll to say that this disease has taken a payment in form oflife now this is an extremely common expression is that you will see it andhear it in news reports connected to any kind of event which causes death yesit’s not just to do with illness it can to do
 it is about accidents disastersthings like volcanoes earthquakes landscape landslides where a largenumber of people are killed we talk about the death toll in the earthquakeor the death toll as a result of the explosion we also use it to do withtraffic

see it a lot in headlines it’s notnecessarily something that you would use in a conference an informal conversationthat’s right everybody it’s a very very common expressiondeath toll but it doesn’t translate so easily to everyday spoke inconversational English so
 I wouldn’t say to you Neal oh my goodness have youheard about the traffic accident the death toll was six you would say oh mygoodness

 Neal six people died in the traffic accident absolutely yeah okaylet’s get a summary of that time now for our second headline please Catherine yesand we’re now looking at the United States
 we have a headline from KSTP commworld hits coronavirus milestones and mid fears whiz to come milestonesimportant events in the development of something yes milestones ni le sto n e smilestones two parts to this word the
 first word male mi le that’s ameasurement of distance a mile is a little bit longer than a kilometer andthen stones stones are those hard

 minerals you know what a milestone isNeal if you’re traveling somewhere don’t you yeah so literally a milestone is akind of old-fashioned road sign I suppose it’s a stone on the way to adestination let’s say London and it might have a number on it 15 and thatmeans 15 miles
 to London exactly a stone on the side of the roadwith the word number 15 means that you’re 15 miles away from yourdestination so it marks a point on the journey a significant point on a journeyit doesn’t say 15 and 3/4 miles and 5 yards

 it says exactly 15 so a milestoneis a significant stage on a journey a significant
the progress of something now we often use milestone in positive sensorsyou can to mark important events in people’s livesfor example near your you’re a parent can you think of some milestones inchildren’s lives that most parents would mark for example the first day at schoolis
 a milestone for any young child learning to ride a bicycle there’sanother milestone yes these types of things major life eventyes major life event and starting University getting married things

 likethat you can also use milestones in a business context to represent importantdevelopments or progressions in the in the progress of a business so your tenthousandth sale would be a milestone a share price hitting a certain pointwould be a milestone
 launching a new product would be a milestone sosignificant events in the development of something are milestones okay let’s havea summary of that there are of course plenty

 of bad newsstories around coronavirus but there are a few positive things some people sayhappened we’ve got a link to one of those stories haven’t we Catherinethat’s right cyclists are now being encouraged andsupported in many places as a result of the corona virus pandemic
 so click thelink below to go to the story and find out more okay let’s have your nextheadliner and we’re still in the u.s.
we have theadjective

 grim G or I am grim so what does that word make you think when youlisten to the sound of it Neil well I think this is a word that sounds bad itsounds like something unpleasant is happening or is being described there’ssomething
 about feeling of it it sounds a bit just bad but yeah it’s it might besomething to to do with a great sound at the beginning like it reminds you of this

 out the word gray but if something’s grim is bad it’s a pleasantit’s depressing it’s not good news it could be worrying there’s a little bitof nuance for the contact depending on the context but generally

 it’s anegati eating word you don’t want to hear the word grim you don’t want grim things in your life unfortunately they do happen so this bad negative unpleasant worryingmilestone those ideas are summed up in the word grim and there’s lots of usesof grim and what kind of weather have we got today Neil it’s a bit grim today youknow I’m wearing a kind of winter shirt because it’s so cold in June even though it’s almost July right then is it what color is the skygray grim gray yeah so the weather if it’s a little bit miserable raininggrave you can’t see the Sun it’s colder than it should be we can call that agrim day or grim weather we could also use it to describe people’s expressionsif.

 somebody has a grim look on their face they are not happy about somethingthe kind of look that you don’t want to see Neal from your kids teachers do you know
 I don’t want to go to a parents evening and have a grim face teacherfacing me no because you know they’re gonna say something bad yeah absolutelyokay

 let’s have a summary Catherine let’s have a summary of ourvocabulary yes we started off with death toll the number of people who have diedbecause of of a particular event next we had milestones important events in thedevelopment of something and finally today we had grim meaning unpleasant

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