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BTC market
BTC market

Egg yolk, what is going on with the viewersof the tuuuubbbe! My name is Tyler and I think you know me bynow,
 because we just surpassed 100k subs on this Tube.

BTC market.
 I want to thank each and everyone of you,for your continued support, even if it sometimes feels like we are isolated on our own littleisland….y
know our Hucklesnowberry Finn, it’s time for Chico Crypto! Well my friends, the correlation between stonksand crypto, is beginning to move in such a sweet tandem. When the two are trading together,

 as in thestock market and crypto markets are open at the same time, the stock market leads cryptoon where it will go. Up, Down, or Sideaways.
 But When the stocks markets close at 4pm onweekdays, and for the weekend, the crypto market is a leading indicator of where thingsare going.

btc markets deposit limit.
 If there is a fat dump, during the night,or over the weekend….usually the stock market opens with a dump.
 So, if you don’t know what is going on….w
trader’s, large whales who are playing both sides of the markets.

 Which is obvious, when you look at what awell known whale is saying in the space. 2 days ago, Mike Novogratz of galaxy digital,was on Bloomberg business, and he “said” he was short on stock and credit….& “long”on bitcoin. Let’s listen in….
 So, Mikey Boi, he states 100 percent yes,he is playing both the markets, although he is short on finance 1.0, and long on hardassets like gold, and BITCOIN because this isss BItcoin time to shine.

btc markets smsf..
 The bloomberg hosts, asks then why is theprice going down, and Mike answers Asia, and China the reason, leverage the reason…..andlet’s replay this clip at the end…. He says,
 bitcoin’s downward pressure iscoming mostly out of Asia, and that is something “We’re” looking into.

 Who the freak is we’re? Is it his galaxy digital? Or does this go deeper? Well you know Chico, we think it goes a bitdeeper that that, and figuring this out might just tell us where the markets will be headedin the future.

 So we know Mike Novogratz is the head of Galaxydigital, who considers themselves as a sort of crypto merchant bank, providing institutionalservices, like crypto asset management, principal investments, crypto asset trading, and advisoryservices.

BTC market
Mike Novo, is orginally apart of the FortressInvesment Group, who is listed on the New York Stock Exchanged, their is Mikey duringtheir IPO 13 years ago in 2007 when they were the 1st hedge fund and private equity companyto go public within the United States.
 And one of the most disappointing IPOs ever,it opened high back in 07 at 37 buckaroos, over double the IPO price which was 16..
.butit crashed harder than a Binance IEO, and in 2017 the Japanese conglomerate softbankpurchased Fortress for 3.3 billion dollars, and took it private again.

 Literally one of the worst IPOs, as publicinvestors got absolutely REKT, while the founders got massive PAYDAYs…one at IPO launch, oneat time for sale. But how long was Mike involved with Fortress& is he still?

btc markets deposit l laimit
Other Fortress executives agreed with thedecision. So Mike, he messed up big time, and lost thatFund a ton of money which hit public investors the hardest.
 BTC market ut Mike made out like a bandit, accordingto the article, Fortress would buy back his stake in the firm for about $255.6 million.

 What did Mike do with that Money? He went on to form Galaxy digital, I wonderhow that performed? Well Mike’s firm got absolutely REKT in2018, posting over a 272 million dollar loss for 2018.
 And in 2019? When we experienced another bull run, to 14k,mike still lost money, a net loss of 33 million for 2019.

BTC market , btc markets smsf
 And what has recently hit the Firm? Well with the poor performance, due to terriblebets and trades….Mike and Galaxy announced in February,

 they would be laying off 15 percentof their workforce, even before the madness swept this world in March….but more pain,just 11 days ago, Joshua Lim, their head of trading strategy announced he would be leavingthe firm to explore new opportunities….. Losing streak, my after losing streak, afterlosing streak.
 So when Mike is getting mad about Bitcoingoing down, when it shouldn’t be and they will “look” into it. I know exactly what he means.

 What is the fuel of the crypto markets rightnow? Well, if you go to Coingecko and look at coinsranked by volume….Tether is the #1 most traded crypto asset based on volumealone, averaging nearly 25 percent more daily volume than bitcoin,

BTC market .btc markets deposit l limit

 even though it’s marketcap is 95 percent smaller. Does that make sense? NOOOOOOOOO Sooo unless you are wearing a blindfold whilelooking at crypto data…… You know, Tether controls the markets. But Mike, he plays COY….just a year agoin April of 2019, he tweeted “GLXY has zero exposure to Bitfinex or Tether.

bill buddy btc markets
That said, it’s not a positive thing thathas happened. The herd won’t come until we all operatewith transparency and professionalism” Ugg bull crap Mike, you know how integralthey are to the crypto community.
 As you were a customer of one of theirs, asthe New York AG, has documentation that says your Galaxy Digital was or was in the processof becoming one.

 And what about operating with transparencyand professionalism? Lying about your exposure, and getting caughtwith your pants down by the New York AG, isn’t what you preach.

 So you preach that the traditional marketsare going down, yet you are LONG on Bitcoin. Are you lying about that too?….. Well who is Mike involved with besides thedarkside of USDT? None other than the institutional scumbagsof the space, BAKKT.

bill buddy btc markets
 Galaxy Digital was a Series A investor inthe 182 million dollar + round, which included the likes of Microsoft. Then just a year after the investment, Galaxybecomes a customer of Bakkt,
 making the first block trade on the platform. Block trade? What’s that? It’s a massive, off the books, private trade,made as to not move the markets.

BTC market
Well just 20 days later, Mike was on CNBCtalking about BTC, and this totally tells us he put in LONGS as Bitcoin started to drop, into the 7k range.
 Let’s listen in…. He hopes it doesn’t go down any further,and then he shills that disgusting company Bakkt, which he needed too, as he’s investedin them, and most likely has a massive long.
. So words then, he is long and words now…heis Long on BTC, so I would guess he still has that block trade open and if it is, it’snot doing well So in my opinion, with his connections toUSDT, he was told another massive market pump was coming…all these insiders share thisinfo, but in my opinion Asia, especially the Chinese exchanges aren’t playing along.

btc markets smsf
 It’s a battle of manipulators, east, west,American, European, Chinese, Korean…it doesn’t matter.
 Who do I want to win? None of them, they all suck. USDT, Bakkt, Western Centralized exchanges,eastern centralized exchanges. Shoot any centralized option. I’m putting my bets on the one on the sideline,the DEXs which puts the power of crypto where it belongs, back in your hands.
 Cheers I’ll see you next time!

Good luck…..

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