Amazon stock price history: Amazon stock split how to buy Amazon stock

Amazon stock price history, Amazon stock chart history. Amazon stock history today

Amazon stock price history
Amazon stock price history

Hi, David here! I love trading Amazon stock and Amazon options.
 I also feel the stock is going to split soon and i’m not alone. The truth is no one knows what Jeffbezos is thinking.

amazon stock all time high..
 There have been countless videos and TV shows on CNBC, on YouTube, on Forbes, on MarketWatch .Everyone is throwing in their opinion about the Amazon will split but so far everyone has been wrong.
 For this reason I’m going to throw out my opinion today and why i would love tosee an Amazon stock split.

 So Amazon stock ispri Ed near $2700 per share, making it one of the most beautiful stocks in the s&P 500. Why do i believe astock split is coming? Well i’m going to bet on the ego of Jeffbezos and a big milestone coming in the stock market.

Amazon stock price history…..
 Here’s myprediction. I believe Amazon will continue to rise this year based on its incredible business model and the overwhelming state of the retail apocalypse.
 The company is going to continue to see expansion as other companies go under and Amazon is right there to fill the void. What does any of this have to do with Jeff Bezoar and an amazon stock split? Well back in 2017 when Amazon first hit $1,000 per share, Jeff Bezos said this, “We don’t have any plans to do this at this point but we’ll continue to looks the .

Keep in mind stock splits have fallen out of favor over the last 20 years
. They have been replaced by the ego and power of a high share price, but thatwas three years ago and Amazon is rapidly approaching $3,000 per share,
 meaning that just 100 shareswould cost $300,000 and Jeff Bezoar has a new prizeon the horizon. No it’s not share price! It’s the bragging rights of being the first of his big competitors to hit a $2 Trillion market cap. So how is Amazon going to hits $2 Trillion market cap?
 Well based on Amazon’s 498 million shareand a share price of $4,025 per share, Amazon would hit a $2 Trillion market cap. I have to think this would be a big deal for Amazon and for Jeff Bezoar.

Amazon stock price history
 Here’s how i think they get there.
We all know that with high flyers like Amazon, Tesla and Netflix, when they announce a stock splitthere is a lot of excitement and the stocks tend to rally before the stock actually splits.

 I believe if Amazon waits until the sharepri emails is closer to $3,500 and then they announce a stock split, i believe the stock will really help 15% to 20%, pushing the stock closer to a $2 Trillion market cap.

Amazon stock price history
 I believe Jeff Bezoar is willing to give up some of the share price in order to reach the milestone of a $2 Trillion market cap. Remember this if thesto know is trading near $4,000 a share

, and it does a 2 for 1 stock split, it’ll still be trading at $2,000 a share. Making it a veryexpensi email stock. How do we get to these lofty prices in the first place? Amazon is already trading near $2,700 per share, so a move to $3,500 is just a 29% increase in the stock price,
 at a time when Amazon’s business is firing on all cylinders and they’re continuing to take market share from businesses that are going under.

Amazon stock chart history
 The trend is likely to continue. Amazon has increased $800 a sharejust  this year. Okay enough about my predictions on Amazon. Now i’m going to talk about my selfish reasons for why i want to see Amazon split.
 As a options trader, I like what i call the “Volatility straddle”, simply selling a call and selling a put at the same strike price, at a price higher than where the stock is currently trading. I like to do this trade when volatilityis high.

 For instance, when the market has fear or after a bad earnings report. This is a great way to take a position in a stock and then make money as the price of the stock goeshigher or as volatility drops. By the way, this can be a risky options trade, so if you’re new to options before careful! I did this trade on Apple stock (APPLAUSE) a few months ago, whenever you get was dropping.
 It allowed me to trade it several times and makefast profits. I avoided this trade with Amazon optionssimply because of the share price. I don’t want that much money tied up in a single trade.
So in my dream world if Amazon were trading at $500a share 100 shares would cost $50,000, instead of the almost $300,000today.

Amazon stock price history
 Since I do trades that involve hedging with the stock or at least ring willing to buy the stock, this would make me very happy. My guess is that Amazon is going a lot higher over the next 10 years as they continue to dominate and take over sectors, as they have done in the past. Many of you know I do a lot of videos on realest are investing, so I think Amazon should buy Zillow and Trulia become one of the biggest real estate and mortgage companies .Zillow is a small $12 Billion dollar company, mere pocket change for Amazon, but more about this in a future video.

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Amazon stock chart history
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