Tech news of today।। #2। Brings you the Tech technology news live from Silicon Valley – part2

Tech news of today – part 2
Tech news of today
Tech news of today

He did this trip on an incredibly tight budget- he slept on the street, sweated on crowded buses, and ate the bare minimum…
 Halso must have eaten some pretty sketchyfood, reportedly getting dysentery and losing forty pounds.
 During this time he was also meditating andlearning about Zen Buddhism. He wanted to go to Tibet, but after his travelers’checks were stolen he decided to head home to the U.S. Back home, he continued his practice of meditation,as well as another habit he’d picked up… 
Tech news of today..
his use of psychedelic drugs. Jobs was a big fan of LSD, a drug he startedusing in college and would credit with expanding his creativity and vision of the world: “Taking LSD was a profound experience, oneof the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there’s another sideto the coin, and you can’t remember it when it wears off, but you know it. 
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reinforced my sense of what was important—creatinggreat things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history andof human consciousness as much as I could.” The Beginning of Apple Back in the United States, Jobs had no moneyand lived in his parents’ toolshed that he had converted to a bedroom.
 But he and Wozniak continued to work on computers,with Jobs convincing Wozniak that at least one of Wozniak’s early products was sellable. Wozniak had built a product, known as a ‘bluebox’ that could mimic the tones of a telephone system and essentially trick a phone intomaking a free long distance call for the user. With technology today we don’t think twiceabout calling someone on the other side of the planet, but In the 1970s this was a bigdeal. 
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 as you might have guessed, these blueboxes were totally illegal, but they still sold well. Yep, Steve Job’s first business… Selling illegal devices to make long distancephone calls for free! Now, the next brainchild that Wozniak hadwas much more legitimate… It was a product that would become the AppleI. In 1976, Jobs suggested selling it, and heand Wozniak officially started Apple Computers.
But enough computer hobbyists were layingout money for the Apple I that Jobs and Wozniak had cash in their pockets. J
began searching for investors, and Wozniakkept designing. In 1977, just a year after the company launched,they put out another version of their computer, the Apple II. This time, it had color graphics and was muchmore user-friendly allowing for it to be used outside of just the hobbiest market. T
sold $3 million of the Apple II in theirfirst year alone, but this figure was about to become dwarfed… Two years later, they had sold $200 millionworth,but again,
By the end of Apple’s first day of publictrading the company was worth an astounding $1.2 BILLION. Steve Jobs was only twenty-five years old. Family During the nascent years of Apple, Jobs wasdealing with much personal turmoil. His longtime on-again, off-again girlfriendChrisann Brennan had moved in with him, and she got pregnant. 
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was, by all accounts, not thrilled aboutthis news. He later told Brennan: “I never wanted toask that you get an abortion. 
She left him and their house, and began workingas a cleaner. Despite asking for support from Jobs, he didnot provide any support for his child until a paternity confirmed that he was the father. Even then, despite his company being worthover a billion dollars, he was only required to provide $500 a month in child support. D
these early problems, Lisa and Jobslater reconciled, and Lisa even lived with Jobs during her high school years. She then attended Harvard, and today worksas a writer in New York City. Though it took him years to admit to it, Jobsnamed one of Apple’s early products after his daughter. tomta help
 But the LISA computer was not as successfulas the Apple II had been. This failure was followed by another – theApple III, which again failed to live up to expectations (and not just Job’s expectations,but everyones). Getting Sent to “Siberia” Despite Apple being Job’s company, the factthat is was public, meant that the Apple board had the power to oust him as CEO. And in 1983, they did just that. They didn’t fire him though, they just senthim to “Siberia” (not literally of course, but he referred to the office he was put inas Siberia, illustrating well the fact that he was in some sort of exile.) Most Apple employees were probably pleasedto see him go…. He was notoriously difficult to deal with,and a former Apple employee described Jobs’ attitude toward work as “management by characterassassination.” B
Tech news of today..
1985, he was tired of hanging out in Siberiaand decided to leave the company he had founded and start a brand new one. “What had been the focus of my entire adultlife was gone, and it was devastating,”
 Jobs said of this experience. “I even thought about running away from thevalley. 
But something slowly began to dawn on me-Istill loved what I did.
That computer, though, it had a price of $10,000,a price way higher than most consumer were willing to pay.

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