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healthy ideas for snacks —

I think at one point I ate the same protein oats for like 4months in a row and I was fine with it, but when it comes to the rest of the meals in the day I can’t do it.
 I needvariety and I thought how many of you guys are the same.

healthy ideas for snacks
 I came up with thesenew snack options recently, well, one’s not too new – I posted it on my Instagram alittle while ago but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it on here so I wanted to do that.

healthy ideas for snacks
And these snacks are gonna be far more interesting and delicious for you rather than just slapping some peanut butter on a rice cake.
 I did also want to thanks Warren area for sponsoring today’s video – they are my chosen web host and if youdo decide to jump on over check out my blog and see all my other recipes.

healthy ideas for snacks
 That’s itse has been hosted by them for the last five years but I will talk more about them at the end of the video. Okay, let’s start off with a high-protein Brandon recipe. It’s not just beans, don’t worry! Um, so with this one, I really loves our foods.
 I love crunch, I love salt, I love savoury,that’s just like my thing. Back in the day I used to love having chickenTwisties, I don’t know why and I think it was just like the crunch and the salt.

healthy ideas for snacks
 Not that this will taste anything like that but it still has the saltiness and it will still have the crunch if you like those two factors. So for this recipe you’re going to need access to either a food processor or a reallyhigh- blender.
 I’m just going to use my nutribullet for this. Ingredients wise I’ll pop them on the screen as well so you can see them and also if you dode ideas to check out the blog post which I’ll leave linked in the description boxi’ll have all the macronutrients, calories, all of that kind of information over on the blog too.
For this if you like, but I’m just gonna use chopped carrots because they give me that crunch that I really want.

healthy ideas for snacks
 For the dip itself I’m going to use a tin of cannelloni beans, I’m going to use some olive oil, some salt, lemon juice, tuna and spring onion. And basically what you’re going to do is throw it all into a high speed blender / food processor /whatever floats your boat and blend it all up.
 This will keep I the fridge as well. The longest that I’ve kept it for was three days and it was okay potentially it could last longer but it didn’t last longer in my fridge because we ate it. I should mention as well you might not want to blend the spring onion through I use that just as a garnish on top.

healthy ideas for snacks
 Okayk next, we’ve got protein waffles. Now I haven’t in clouded any toppings in the macros for this recipe but here are some ideas for you.

 You could go with the basic fruit, you could go with some sugar-free maplesyrup, you could go with a stevia based chocolate sauce (they exist).
 I made thisrecipe one morning when I woke up and I really wanted waffles and we had alittle waffle maker and I just experimented. I was very happy with howthey turned out. I would recommend though, pairing them with some kind ofliquid or puree whether even it’s like blending up fruit and putting that ontop something like that.

healthy ideas for snacks
 The flavour of them will actually depend on what typeof protein powder you use. You don’t want anything that is too granulated, so Iknow some of the proteins like a Tropeaka one will not work in this. Agood example of one that will work in this is what I’ve been using which is anISO 100.

 I believe the, how do you say that brand name, Alani Nu plant-basedprotein would work in this as well and it depends on the flavor that you havetoo so I used a gourmet vanilla iso 100.
 The kind of protein powder that we’relooking for in this recipe, I like to base it off the consistency, so theconsistency you’re looking for is if you mix one scoop of protein with the waterit’s a very smooth thin drink, not the kind…

healthy ideas for snacks
 you know the kind when you mix themwith water and it’s granulated? We don’t want that or you mix it with water andit gets really thick and really creamy we also don’twant that.

 So you’re looking for one that has a very watery consistency when it’smixed.

 So for this recipe we’re going to need two scoops. Now I have a small UrbanOutfitters waffle maker so this amount of ingredients makes 8 small waffles. Ifyou’re using a full proper sized waffle maker I’d say it would make two prettylarge ones.

 We’re going to need whey protein, egg whites or liquid egg whitesdepending on what you have access to, cinnamon, baking powder, vanilla extract,oats, banana and a coconut oil spray for the waffle maker.
 Again, I’m just gonnause my nutribullet. I’m gonna put everything except for the coconut oilspray into the blender cup thing. We’re gonna blend it up and then we’re gonna pourthe batter onto the waffle maker. Allow them to cook and then serve withtoppings of your choice.
Well we are baking some kale chips now and we’re gonna pair it up with somehomemade salsa.
healthy ideas for snacks
Try not to overlap it too much,we do want to make sure that there is a little bit of space between and we’regoing to season with the salt and the garlic powder.
 Now we’re going to bakefor between 10 to 13 minutes, this is going to depend on the kind of oven thatyou use.
 So just make sure you’re checking on them now and again to makesure that they’re getting crisp. For the homemade salsa, um, you can sort of put inwhatever you really like for this one. 

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