Healthy ideas for lunch at work ।। Quite morning routine stay healthy & motivated – from tomtanews

Healthy ideas for lunch at work tips-

It is been a minute since I’ve shown you guys a morning routine but I thought I would share what ‘s happening in the momentbecause I feel like I’ve really taken this time to learn how to slow down andstop rushing through each day.

Healthy ideas for lunch at work
 This article is also kindly sponsored bySquarespace and I’ll tell you guys more about them at the end of the video. Firstcall of action in the morning is always to rehydrate… being asleep for eight,sometimes nine hours definitely means I need to get some water and then I loveto go around and open up

Healthy ideas for lunch at work
make the room feel nice and bright! Itmakes such a difference to my mood to have natural light streaming through thewindows. And I don’t know about you guys but Ifeel so much better when my environment is just neat and organized. So, I like togo through and make sure that I’ve you know, tidied up a little bit and justmake the environment feel good for me to be in.
 Look at these guys messing upthe freshly made bed. At first I was finding it hard to getmotivated to exercise because I’m not going to a gym but then I decided let’sget up, shower, do all the regular stuff and actually get into gym clothes.

 I alsolike to put on some music – some upbeat music, preferably! This just puts me in agood mood and makes me feel a little bit better. And then it’s time to look afterall the animals… our house is basically a miniature zoo. Even though at the moment I haven’t feltlike doing any journaling or anything like that.I’m just not in the mood for it.
 I still do make sure that I sit down and I actuallyhave a plan for my day. I’m someone who works so much better when I have a senseof schedule or I know what’s coming up when rather than just like… flyingthrough it freely.

 So, I check the calendar which I usually sit down on aSunday and roughly plan out my week and I go through and really refine that inthe morning and I’ve been trying to cap my to-do list at a maximum of 20things, which I know for some people might sound like a lot, for others it’snot so much but for me that’s really been tapering it down because I used togo a little bit crazy. At this time of morning I also love to sit and readthrough the messages from my clients that I may have missed from the nightbefore and I want to make sure that they’re all feeling connected and stillfeeling good.
*to client* “Look, don’t apologise – it’sall good. I feel like there’s this message going around social mediaright now that you have to be like the most productive version of yourself anddoing absolutely everything and people saying ‘oh you’ve got all this spare time -you should be learning something new’ and it’s like, well, let’s look at thehierarchy of needs. Like, we’ve just made a huge lifestyle change so the basicneeds is physiological and then safety.

 So we’ve just been thrown into this hugeshift and it’s worth remembering that right now you might not be able to like,reach and do all these crazy mega productive things – so let’s just focus onthe basics. Like focus on taking time for yourself. Focus on eating well – not forany results perspective but just to feel good because we know how much better wefeel when we eat well.
 So, take it back to basics. Don’t worry ifyou’re not feeling your best right now, like that’s okay! These few weeks mightnot be your most productive weeks and they might not be the weeks where yousmash everything out of the park and that’s okay.

Healthy ideas for lunch at work
 It’s just sticking to thatbaseline and learning how to cope and feel okay in each day.” Now it’s time for somesupplements and some food. These are just some basic ones that I would take of amorning and I’m also gonna make sure that I have a nice wholesome breakfastas well.
 I personally feel like I notice a huge difference in how I feel basedoff how I fuel my body. Like, I don’t want to sacrifice these things, I don’t wantto stop looking after myself, I don’t want to stop eating well to feel good.

Healthy ideas for lunch at work
 Idon’t want to stop having movement in my day ’cause I know that helps with stressand anxiety. So for me these are core foundations that I don’t want to letslip. I haven’t had huge amounts of energylately so I’ve been making sure to meal prep so that I do have options around inthe fridge and just ready to go. A great way for me to feel mindful is tolook after my plants because there’s enough of them right! Um, but the theoutside ones which have fruits and things they need tending to everyday…
 theindoor plants not so much. I’ll probably go around, like you know, once or twice aweek and check on all of them and make sure that they’re all right.

Healthy ideas for lunch at work
 But insteadof opening up my laptop and switching to full work mode I’ve been enjoyinggetting these little ‘around the house’ things done while I’m waiting for mybreakfast to digest a little before I jump into the training. And if I have alittle bit of extra time in the day I’ve being sneakily putting in like 20minutes in the morning of some animal crossing because I’ve just… I’m lovingthis game! It’s so relaxing.

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