healthy guide to eating ।। healthy guide ।। 7 days of self care at home + printable guide

healthy guide to eating, 

Salfe doesn’t necessarilymeanpretty and fluff and facemasks and chocolate cake. Well, I know for me itdoesn’t anyway.

Healthy guide to eating
 I saw this great quote that was “self-care is about building alife that you don’t have to regularly run away from” and you know what this issomewhat a difficult approach to self-care.

healthy guide to eating
 It’s not just like running abath or buying a product because the ad for it said it’ll make you feel acertain kind of way.
 So I set a task for myself to have a whole week whereeach day I did a few little self-care activities alongside my regular schedule.I tend to be someone who gravitates towards being like extra busy just forthe sake of feeling productive and feeling like I’m getting things done.

healthy guide to eating
Sometimes I think it’s a good thing and then sometimes I can get burnt out veryeasily so it’s about finding that balance. I decided to create a freelittle download as well so if you want to try to do this with me I’ll leave itlinked in the description box and you can download it (it’s free).
 Put it on yourphone, print it out whatever you want to do with it Step one for today is to log off all mysocial media. Now I’m not sure what day you guys are gonna see this video butit’s Monday today so I’m gonna log out today and I’m gonna spend a whole week justlogged out. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I find like constantlyreading other people’s opinions can start to like weigh on my own and I feellike at the moment there’s a lot of stress on social media –

healthy guide to eating
 I mean rightly soand I’ve just seen so many push ups from those challenges that are going aroundbut every now and again I need a break and sometimes I’ll log off for a daysometimes for a weekend but at the moment I haven’t taken a long break in alittle while so I’m just gonna log off and spend a week maybe two off we’ll seehow I feel. Today’s task shouldn’t take you long maybelike 10-15 minu tes at most.
 So, I’ve logged out of my social media, I’ve madesure that in my calendar I’ve got set finish times and now let me tell you itis one thing to plan and structure your week but it is another thing to actuallyfollow through so what I’m going to do now is sit and plan out my week.

healthy guide to eating
 This issomething I would usually do on a Sunday but I just left it to today because Iput it on today’s to-do list. I’ll link a blog post I did in the description box -it’s not super new but it is still very relevant and it’s still the method thatI use to plan my week out so what I’m gonna do is actually sit in my GoogleCalendar and create time blocks for what I want to work on throughout the weekand I’m also going to make sure that there’s breaks planned in there and there’sfinish times planned in there. Now, obviously if you have your work hoursset for you put them in your calendar and then you can work around thosedepending on what you want to be doing.
 And, if there’s one thing I have learntfrom doing time blocking for quite a while now it’s don’t give yourselfunrealistic blocks, so don’t be like 30 minutes for this and then 30 minutes forthis and then 30 minutes for this and no breaks in between…

healthy guide to eating
 like, are you reallygonna be able to get all the tasks that you want to get done in 30 minutes? Sosometimes, for example today, I’ve got editing and I’ve got a time block for thatand I’ve got a 4 hour time block for it because I know there’s no way I’mgetting it done in like an hour.
 So be realistic with yourself – what can andcan’t you accomplish, what do and don’t you have the energy to do at the moment. So today’s all about nourishment but notonly do I want to be considering what I’m putting into my body but also whatI’m putting onto my body.

 Your skin is gonna absorb what you use whether it’sskincare, makeup or deodorant and while we’re considering what we’re putting onour bodies I did want to thank Native for sponsoring today’s video.So for ages I wanted to switch to a natural deodorant but I find so many ofthem are not very good. I don’t like the idea of having to scoop the putty out. I don’twant to home make one because I feel a lot of them are just not effective butI’ve really been loving the texture and the scents of the Native deodorants.

healthy guide to eating
 Theseare the scents that I decided to go for. I have been using the charcoal one a lotlately. It’s quite a neutral scent. I don’t like anything that’s really florally orfeminine and I love that these don’t transfer to my clothes. I can’t tell youhow many workout tops I annoyingly have to remove stains from.
The best way I find to do a little audit of the products that you are usingis to go through what you own and have a look at the brands, have a look at theingredients…

healthy guide to eating
 yes, you might not be familiar with all of the ingredientsbecause they’re going to use the more technical labels for things but justbecause you don’t know something it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Makesure you’re doing your Googles and having a look to see what ingredientsare in what. Google the brand and see if they align with what you want to beusing.
 I consider this an act of looking aftermyself. Meal prepping. 

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