healthy food for weight loss & breakfast।। High portion for tomtanews

healthy food for weight loss & breakfast

feel like it’s so important especially right now with the climate of the current world.

healthy food for weight loss
 If you are feeling a little bitmaxed out in terms of your regular life let’s simplify the nutrition so that wecan still achieve our goals, we can still eat well and we can feel good for that -without over-complicating it.
 I’d like to thank Squarespace for sponsoringtoday’s video. In today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you a meal prep ofsome meals which I have made. Now, I didn’t make these all on the same daywhich you’ll see ’cause my outfit does change but I did prep a few mealsback-to-back so I’m gonna share those with you.

healthy food for weight loss & breakfast….
 These are all very very easy toassemble, they’re high in protein and they’re also budget-friendly.
 Alright, ifyou guys are ready to create some very easy high protein and nutritious recipeskeep on watching and I will leave all the recipes linked in the descriptionbox for you.

healthy food for weight loss & breakfast
 Okay, so I’m gonna start with the most expensive protein and sort ofwork my way backwards from there. This dish is incredibly easy to make becauseyou can do it all in one pan. So, starting off I’m gonna do a little spray of oliveoil and then I’m gonna add some chicken to the pan and let that cook on its ownfor a little bit.
 Once it’s semi cooked, I’m gonna add insome onions and capsicum, garlic paste, curry powder and some salt and pepper. I like to use this as a post-training meal.It’s really high in protein which is great for your nitrogen balance and it’sgot a good amount of carbohydrates which is good for your glycogen levels.

 It’sgonna be that perfect meal to help you refuel plus I’m gonna be adding somechicken stock. I have a heap of packet rice in thecupboard just because it’s convenient, we tend to use it.
 So then I’m adding the rice and thechicken stock and the green beans to the dish and I’m going to let that cook andas soon as those frozen green beans are finished cooking I serve it up. Lentil taco meat. Now, I did not create this recipe, this was from a blog called ‘Power Hungry’ and I’m using her recipe, slightly modified, I didn’t use anynutritional yeast but I will leave it linked in the description box.

healthy food for weight loss & breakfast
 So I’vealready cooked the lentils in water and then strained the water out. Now I’mgoing to reuse the same pan – I’ve just cleaned it off, I’ve sprayed it with someolive oil, I’ve put some onion in there and I’m gonna add my spices and mylentils back into this pan.
 Now I did leave all the ingredients listed inthat sort of intro slide but again like I said I’ll leave it linked in thedescription box. This one is really yummy and if you want like a Mexican inspireddish but you don’t have access to meat at the moment or you just don’t feellike using meat in it go for this.

healthy food for weight loss & breakfast
 It’s very easy and lentils are veryinexpensive to buy as well as being a good source of protein. If you follow meon instagram you’ve probably seen my zucchini tuna fritters as I did postthem on there a little while ago. The ingredients list which I posted is tomake two but right now I’m currently making four so I’m making it with doublethe ingredients.
 You’ll need to shred up some zucchini and press the moisture outof it – that’s gonna be really really important for making sure that they staytogether. Blend them up in the nutribulletand then add them into the bowl as well as my eggs and tuna.

 As far asingredients goes that’s all you need. It’s just those four things – zucchini,oats, eggs and tuna. I like to add a little bit of salt – ifyou want other flavors or other spices you can add them in at this point. Andthen we’re going to divide the mixture up and press them into patties.
 Whenserving these I like to serve them with a really simple salad and if you want toI find they’re really tasty if you use plain Greek yogurt on top oralternatively you could use like a low-fat sour cream. I’d love to know aswell, which meal do you think you might make? I know a lot of you guys have triedthe zucchini tuna fritters but leave me in your comment, like 1, 2, 3 or 4.This is dish 4 and it’s my one pan egg and bean scramble. I was making this fora breakfast to have on hand, meal prepped and ready to go.

 In the pan I’ve alreadygot black beans, water, garlic, coriander or cilantro, cayenne pepper and salt. Andthen in a separate bow I’m whisking together 8 eggs and 50 grams of thelow-fat shredded cheese. Now, we’re gonna wait for this water to cook out of thebeans and as soon as that’s cooked out we’re pouring in the egg mixture.
 You’regoing to make sure to scrape that around the pan continuously because we don’twant any crispy burnt bits. Then I like to add a whole heap of spinach to that mixturejust for some extra micronutrients and keep it cooking. Now you can serve it ontoast or another way that I found is really nice to serve it is with someavocado and some ajvar. Now the recipes in this video that were mine are listed onmy blog so you just need to jump to – under the blog tab youcan find my recipe index and they’re all in there as well as a whole heap ofothers.

healthy food for weight loss & breakfast
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healthy food for weight loss & breakfast
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 I hope you’re welland don’t forget I’ve got all those recipes linked in the description boxfor you guys if you want to try them out. you

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