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Now, I’m not kidding you when I say that Iused to be so stuck in a rut. I remember years ago thinking, like, it was so hardto change the way that I ate because I knew how I wanted to be eating to helpwith my health but I didn’t know how to do it.

Healthy eating habits
 Like, I knew what to be doing andit felt like every time I tried to do it it would stick for like a couple ofweeks and then old habits would start like creeping back in. Just wanting tosit and have a candid little talk about how you can go about addressing youreating habits and how to make eating healthier feel easy and not so much of achore because when it feels like a chore it’s gonna be really difficult.
I alsowanted to give a big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video.They’re my choice of web post and I’ll tell you guys more about them at the end.I want to preface this video by saying that eating well is gonna depend a loton you and your lifestyle.


healthy eating habits….
 I’m not gonna dictate to you what your ideal versionof healthy should look like and what your ideal version of balance is. That’sgonna be different on everyone based on a whole variety of factors.
 Maybe it’syour goals, maybe it’s your lifestyle, maybe it’s even what you have access to, like being able to be so selective with your food and being able to make thesechoices is a luxury that not everybody has. So I’m gonna share some methods withyou that I use in my personal life but not only that I also help my clientsapply them so we can tap into how to make eating better – an easier choice, anda regular part of your day.

healthy eating habits..
And, also, in the description box you will find a linkto a worksheet which I have included that you can download and fill out atyour leisure. Firstly, I think the will has got to be there, like you’ve got tohave a reason to want to do it and often I find people who are motivated just bylike ‘oh I want to lose like 5 kilos’ or 10 pounds or you know whatever it is.They’re the people who don’t stick to it for very long. I
think there needs to besome kind of internal source of motivation there actually like pushingyou forward to want to do it each day because I’m not gonna lie…

healthy eating habits…
 it’s choiceafter choice, after choice that you’re going to be presented with and it’s veryeasy to get derailed if don’t have anything in mind. For you,maybe that’s just like wanting to feel the healthiest version of yourself andhave a heap of energy.

healthy eating habits…
want to fix up some hormonal issues that youhave or whatever it is I think you need to find that motivator firstly. Glazeover this point just really quickly and that one is drinking enough water and areally simple way to do this is you can include some sparkling water.
Some of them do you have citric acid which is not so great on the enamel inyour teeth.
 You know every now and again throwing in sparkling water is a good way tobreak up just having still water. I
also like to put in different fruits andthings so maybe that’s strawberries or a passion fruit or some lemon or lime oreven some cucumber. If you find yourself getting a bit bored just throw in aflavour.

healthy eating habits..
 The reason that I am recommending to get enough water isbecause so many people don’t. They think they do but they really don’t and thereason that I wanted to talk about this in relation to eating well is becauseone drinking enough water is going to help your body process your hormonesmore efficiently through your liver. It’s going to aid in digestion. You’re lesslikely to have disrupted gurgly bloating digestion if you are drinking enoughwater.
And, finally, it’s gonna help control yourappetite and help make you make better choices when you are actually hungry.Okay now this is gonna sound like a silly one from anyone who grew up withtheir family actually cooking foods that have like lots of flavor and lots ofspice – particularly if you have like traditional recipes which incorporatethose. If I was to go on Pinterest and go healthy recipes… some of them, I’m sorry they’re so bland and so boring…

 and people don’t even put spices in their oatmeal. Oh my god!
food more if you add flavor to it. Experiment! Find what youlike, find what you don’t like, find a flavorpairings which work well together. Well match spiced combinations bring adifferent dimension of flavor to a dish. This is a question I always dive in withwith my clients when they’re new before I start giving them any kind of mealsuggestions and it’s how do you like to eat.
 If you’re someone who is happy torepeat meals or you’re okay with, you know, reheating a meal and eatingmeal prep – do that.
healthy eating habits…..
 If you find that you do a meal prep and then it sits in thefridge and you don’t eat any of it – don’t meal prep. I know it might sound likevery much common sense but I see it all the time. I see people trying to eat instyles that don’t suit them.
 Like, if you don’t like reheating a meal, if you findit bland and boring to do that then you know let’s try a different Don’t forget I’ve got that free worksheet foryou guys in the

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healthy eating habits…
box so if you want to jump in and you know reallysift through what it is that makes you tick and why this is important to you Ithink that’s honestly the first step to building a lasting lifestyle change.

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