lower back stiffness and pain : pro Tips : Don’t Miss , lower back stiffness and pain exercises

lower back stiffness and pain, lower back stiffness and pain exercises.

lower back stiffness and pain
lower back stiffness and pain

hey everybody it’s doctor Jo,
 and todayI’m going to show you five ways to relieve back pain.
lower back stiffness and pain.
 so let’s get started. so I’m going to start off lying down.
 ifyou can’t get on the floor, that’s okay you can do these on your bed or a couch.so get a comfy pillow,
 and when you’re lying down, you’re going to prop up yourknees. so just starting off, we’re gonna do some pelvic tilts.lower back stiffness and pain exercises.

 and so pelvic tiltsaren’t big movements, but they’re easy movements to do,
 and they work a lot morethan you think they do.
 so a pelvic tilt is just like it sounds,
 you’re gonna tiltyour pelvis back.
 so sometimes it’s hard to see that movement. you’re not usingyour feet or your legs to push back, you’re using your hips and your coremuscles to roll it back.

lower back stiffness and pain
 and imagine that you’re just flattening out your backonto the floor or the bed.

 so once you get that role or that posterior tiltback, you’re just gonna hold it for about three to five seconds and then relax. soyou should be talking,

low back stiffness and pain in the morning.
 you shouldn’t be holding your breath, or you should beable to talk.
 you don’t have to talk while you’re doing it,
 but breathenormally be comfortable while you’re doing it.
 and maybe just start off withabout five, doing the three to five second holds,
 and that really just kindof gets those pelvic muscles, those core muscles working. and so it’s a reallygreat exercise.

 after you do those, then you’re going to go into a bridge.bridging is one of my favorite exercises especially for the back just because itgets it moving.lower back stiffness and pain in morning.

 so with a bridge, you really want to again use your core.you’re gonna use your glutes and your hamstrings some,
 but you really want tolift up with your core and your back.

lower back stiffness and pain.
 and you’re gonna kind of roll your back uplike one segment at a time.

 you don’t have to stop at each segment, but you’rejust not going up and down fast.

lower back stiffness and pain.
 you want to go nice and controlled.so you’re just rolling up high as you comfortably can. you might not be able toget quite as high as me starting off,
 if you have some back pain, and then rollback down. so just a little pause at the top, but making that nice smooth movement,coming up, and rolling back down.
 and again I’m not pushing hard through mylegs,
 I’m really trying to lift up activating those core muscles, and that’swhat’s going to help with that back pain.
 so this is kind of a combination of anexercise and a stretch,
 really to get the back loosened up, butstarted to get some exercising as well. another way to relieve back pain isusing acupressure. and the folks at Artree company,

lower back stiffness and pain.
 sent me their Artreeacupressure mat set. and so what’s really nice about acupressure in general isacupressure is really just using pressure points on the meridians.

 andwhat that does is that helps activate and increase circulation to the body.
 soit really does have some science behind it. sometimes people think you know justacupressure in general isn’t quite as sciency, but it really does help improvecirculation.

low back stiffness and pain in the morning
so whatI really like about acupressure sets, a
what’s cool about this is it comes in anice travel bag,
 and so then you can take it with you when you want to go places.but what’s really neat about this set is it has the mat,
 and it has a pillow to gowith it.
 and it also has a nice user guide for you as well.
 but what is reallyneat about this is it’s made with buckwheat hulls so it’s all-natural and thepillows, and it also comes in different scents like chamomile,

lower back stiffness and pain
 or mint.and so that just kind of helps with the healing as well because that helps relaxyour body.
 so you can see here these spikes are also FDA compliant which isreally nice because if you’re using these pressure points,
 and you’re puttingit directly on your skin, you really want to have it being compliant with the FDA.so this is the pillow here,
 and I really it’s really comfortable, I really likethis, lower back stiffness and pain.
 and then this is the mat here.
 and so what’s great about the mat is youdon’t have to do it on the floor.

 you can do it on your bed or your couch, again oryou can do it sitting in a chair at work, or something.
 so what’s usuallyrecommended since these are you know spiky and a little bit sharp,

lower back stiffness and pain exercises.
 you want tostart off with just a little bit and work your way up. so it’s usuallyrecommended maybe 10 to 15 minutes and starting with your shirt on, but then youcan progress from there.

 so if you want to lie on it like this, again kind ofgetting it set up you don’t have to use the pillow, but I like using the pillowto help with the neck as well,
 and just kind of rolling back on it.and you can do it relaxing and a quiet place if you want to watch TV whileyou’re doing it,
 or again if you want to in your chair while you’re working.and again this increases that blood flow,

lower back stiffness and pain
 so it helps relieve muscle tension, ithelps relieve muscle pain, and sometimes even when people have some insomnia,
 youget on this for a little bit before you go to bed,
 again increasing that bloodflow increasing that energy really helps out. and if you’re interested inpurchasing the acupressure set, make sure and click on the link up there, or in thedescription below.
 so now that I’ve got some good circulation in my back,
 let’sgo into some stretches. so lying down, again remember you can do on your floor,or your bed,
 or your couch, we’re going to go into a knee to chest stretch. and thisreally helps loosen up the low back.

lower back stiffness and pain.
 some people ask because there’s some bendingif you have a disc issue or something you shouldn’t be doing it, but thisdoesn’t really Bend that back enough to make a difference. so a knee to chest stretchis pretty safe to do with almost all injuries.

 so with a knee to chest stretch,I like keeping both knees bent up. so even when you bring one up,
 you can keepit up. some people like to put it down. that’s fine,
 you’re just getting to get alittle more hip flexor stretch on the other side as well,but I think this kind of helps support your back a little bit if you’re reallytrying to stretch out that back. it’s just like it sounds,

lower back stiffness and pain treatment.
 you’re gonna bringyour knee up to your chest. if you don’t have any knee issues, you can put yourhands on top up here,
 but I like to put them underneath just so I’m not puttingso much pressure on that joint. and then all you’re doing is just bringing yourknee up towards your chest as far as you comfortably can.
 and you should feel justa little stretch in the low back and kind of through the buttocks area thereinto your glutes. but again you can see there’s not really a whole lot of bendin the back where some people think that it is sometimes,

lower back stiffness and pain.
 so just getting thatnice stretch. sometimes you might feel a little pressure in the front, but this isa full stretch so it’s going to be a 30 second hold.

 ideally if you have theenough time to do it, you want to stretch both sides for the 30 seconds and thendo three on each side. some people like to do them all on one side,and then switch. I personally like to alternate.

lower back stiffness and pain exercises.
 so whichever one you want todo is it’s going to work just fine,
 but really holding it for that full 30seconds.

 so if you don’t have time to do three, then just do 30 seconds maybe onceor twice on each side,
 but that thirty Secondsis really important to get to. and so the last one which is going to be a stretchagain it’s going to be another one of my favorites which is Child’s Poseor prayer stretch.
 and so the reason I like this so much is again because it’sreally a whole body stretch. now if you have some knee issues, sometimes this isa little bit uncomfortable.
 so you can be a little bit higher up.

lower back stiffness and pain.
 if you can getall the way down, that’s really the best, but you can see I’m stretching out myknees.
 I’m stretching out my feet,
 my hips, my back, and I’m going to even stretchout my shoulders and arms as well.

lower back stiffness and pain exercises.
 so you can do the prayer stretch or the Child’sPose a couple different ways. you can start on your knees,
 if you’recomfortable on your knees. and just slide forward as far as you comfortably can and really just try and relax down.

 again this is that full 30-second stretch,holding it,
 getting that nice stretch through the back, and the arms, and thelegs,
 and everything. but if that’s a little bit uncomfortable,
 again if youneed a little bit less bend in your knees,

lower back stiffness and pain.
 you can kind of start up on allfours or in quadruped, and bring your arms out first and then come down so see I’m not going as far down,
 but I’m still getting a good stretch.
 it’s aslightly different stretch,
 but this is kind of a way to modify it if your kneesor your hips don’t quite get that motion that you need.
so there you have it that’s 5 ways to relieve back pain. if you’re interested in purchasing theacupressure set,

lower back stiffness and pain.
 make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget tosu scribe by clicking down there.

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